Review: Face of Australia Limited Edition Nude Palette

Hey guys!

As you might have seen in my post from last week, I purchased this palette during the Priceline 40% off of Cosmetics Sale and I’ve been testing it out every day since I purchased it and I feel like I’m ready to talk what I think of the palette and whether I think that you should pick it up, seeing as it is limited edition.



Face Of Australia launched two nude palettes – Naked and Nude – at the end of last year and they’re both limited edition. Both of them contained neutral shades with one palette leaning more rosey and the other more golden.

Caitlan made a post that shows you the differences between the two palettes as well as a review of them so when you’re done reading this post, I would recommend hopping over to her blog and giving that a read!

I purchased the Nude palette. This one features more rosey neutral shades, which are the types of nudes that I tend to prefer. The palette has a mixture of mattes, satins, shimmers and a glitter shadow and they all sort of vary in pigmentation. I think that the perfect would be great for travel, it contains a variety of shades that would give you a variety of looks without getting bored of using the same palette and it is sturdy enough that it won’t break in transit or burst open. The mirror in the palette stands up on it’s own but if you open it too far back, the palette will topple over so you might need to be strategic about how you prop it up when doing your eye shadow.


Now, the shadows that I love most in this palette are the mattes, and that surprised me. I do love mattes and I have palettes dedicated to that finish, but in a palette with such gorgeous looking shimmer shades, I thought that they would be my favourites. All of the shadows are a bit powdery and kick up quite a bit of product when you tap your brush into the shadows, which is a bit disappointing but I was expecting it. The mattes are quite pigmented, especially the yellow toned nude in the top left corner. The matte shadows are really easy to blend, despite being powdery. The glitter pink shade in the top right corner has very little pigmentation and mostly serves as a glitter topper, which I’ve used a few times and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’d recommend using MAC Fix+ or something similar to get the glitter to really adhere to the eyelid.

The satins aren’t bad and neither are the shimmers, you can get some really nice looks with this palette but I would still use my own highlight shades for my inner corner. That’s just my personal preference though, I don’t believe that that would be necessary for everyone!


The palette retails for $18.95, which I think is a bit expensive, especially for Priceline. The quality of the eyeshadows isn’t bad but I feel like I could get better quality or similar quality from BH Cosmetics, which cost less than this palette. Having said that, I don’t regret buying the palette at all. I know that I’ll get some use out of it and it will be a good one to throw in my bag when I’m out and about because the mirror is good and the shades are easy to use.

I think the Naked palette is probably the better quality palette of the two but I knew I’d get more use out of this one based on the colours that it had. I have no need for a black shadow and the red-shimmered black in this palette works nicely for my simple looks that I create. So it is really up to you which palette you think would suit your preferences best. I would recommend this palette if you could get it on sale and I’d also recommend testing it out in store if you can!


I hope that you have a great day!

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