Priceline 40% off Cosmetics HAUL!

Hey guys!

On Wednesday last week, Zoe, Caitlan and I went on a bit of a Priceline Pub Crawl of sorts. As you saw last monday, I had a few things that I really wanted to pick up and I got most of the things that I wanted! I did also pick up a couple of other bits and bobs and so I wanted to talk about my day and share with you what I picked up and how much I managed to save!!



I want to give a little shout out to my babe, Hannah for getting a couple of things on my list for me before I’d even gone to the sale! I’d been having a bit of a hellish week with my honours assignments and Hannah made a little care package and graduation gift for me! In it were my Physicians Formula Bronze Booster in Light to Medium and the Maybelline Creamy Matte in Lust for Blush! I’m so happy with both products and I’m so thankful that Hannah was kind enough to purchase them for me! I had also picked up a set of lashes that were on sale the day or two before the 40% sale so that I had new lashes for grad so I crossed that off my list too! So at that point, I already had 3/11ish things that I had on my list!

Zoe had class that morning, so Caitlan and I visited the Pricelines on our ends of town before meeting up with Zoe and I was able to purchase almost everything before I’d even gotten to the city!

I went to the Marion store and it wasn’t too busy at 10:30am, which was a little bit surprising but I assume the hardcore shoppers probably got there at 9am. I rushed to Maybelline stand to ATTEMPT to get my Fit Me Concealer but alas, there was no stock left. My tube isn’t out so I’m not crying about it just yet. I knew that Coles had a Maybelline sale on at the same time but I had a Priceline giftcard so it was still a better deal for me to get it at Priceline. I did manage to pick up the Australis Fresh & Flawless Powder, Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation, CoverGirl Super Sizer (in the Star Wars packaging!!), Bourjois Lip Velvet in 07 (which is never in stock) and the Maybelline Hyper Sharp liner. So, I was pretty happy with what came out of that trip and it made me feel really relaxed about going into the city knowing that I had the main things that I wanted. 7/11 + 1 extra.

Then I met with Zoe and Caitlan and we fed ourselves before we hit the city shops, which are a bit more nightmarish than the suburb shops. At the Myer Centre Priceline, I only picked up two items but at least one of them was on my list. I was getting a bit anxious in the store because the amount of people crowding around displays was a little overwhelming. I picked up the Face of Australia Limited Edition palette in Nude and the Savvy lip pencil in Natural, which was highly rated by the cashier. 8/11 + 3 extras.

After we’d finished in the Myer Centre, we went down to the Hindley St store because it is known to have less traffic and therefore, is generally better stocked and less filled with people. I love this store and I come here often because on your average day, there’s probably around 3-4 customers and you can take your time and really think about what you need to get. In each store, I’d noticed that despite Touch In Sol being labelled as ‘cosmetics’ online, there was no sign saying that they were included in the sale so when I’d gotten to the Hindley St Store, I said it out loud because I wished I’d gotten in while it had been on sale earlier in the week. A sales rep over heard and told me that another girl had bought it thinking she was going to buy it at full price and they were both shocked when it came up as 40% off! So I guess even some staff don’t know all of the brands included. Either way, I walked away from that store with my Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer, Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick in Daringly Nude, and the Maybelline Eye and Lip Makeup remover that I’d always wanted to pick up but had never actually done it before. So my total of things collected from my list was at 10/11 + 3 extras with only the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer not purchased.

After a day of savings, Zoe, Caitlan and I had some ice cream in Movenpick and reviewed our purchases.


The next day, I wanted to quickly check the Marion Priceline again to see if there was anything that I might possibly want. I walked away with the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer, which as I mentioned, betrayed me in the past but I do still love it, and two Sally Hansen polishes – Hat’s Off to Hue and Terra-Coppa.

Overall, I spent $135.25 and saved $90.23 but in reality I suppose I saved $225.48 because I had the gift card.


I feel like I was pretty successful in my purchases! If you managed to get to the sale, what did you pick up?

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Au revoir xxx

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