What to Expect at Graduation = MOTD+OOTD!

Hey guys!

On Tuesday, I graduated from my undergraduate degree! I kind of can’t believe that I have finished three years of study but I’m not even half way through my university study so this didn’t feel as special to me as honours and my PhD graduation will. Regardless, I had a really great day and I’m glad that I got to experience it! The photos in this post are all grainy looking on my computer so I am really sorry if that’s how you’re seeing my photos! I hope that you enjoy!



I was graduating with a fabulous group of people from my degree and I was so happy that we were all graduating together. Here are some of the beautiful people that I was graduating with! Thanks for cutting HALF OF MY FACE OFF, ZOE. I still love you xxx


After registering, we needed to pick up our gowns and get all graduation-y. I was probably most excited for this part. Each school in the university is a different colour. My degree is part of the School of Communications and our colour was yellow! Good if you’re a Hufflepuff like Zoe, but not so flattering for the rest of us. Thankfully the colour of our school is only in the hood of our robe.


We took so many photos in our robes and I’m so happy that we did! I didn’t get to take a nice one of my outfit without the robe but I’ve posted it on the blog before and you can see it here! For those who haven’t worn graduation gowns, be prepared for them to smell quite awful. You don’t always notice it and then every now and then its like UGH WHAT IS THAT? oh it’s me.



Now on to the makeup~


I wore MAC Velvet Teddy on my lips because I feel like it goes with everything and it makes me feel really good about myself! On my eyes I wore a mixture of Makeup Geek eyeshadows and shadows from the Carli Bybel BH Cosmetics palette. I was also wearing bronzer for the first time and I really loved it! I probably wouldn’t recommend trialing something on such an important day but I was using a pretty light hand haha.


Before we went into the ceremony, I found my Nonna and we got to take a photo. I’m glad we got a photo before I went in because when I was going up to get my certificate, the dressing ladies plomped my hat further forward on my head and made my fringe look pretty horrible for my walk across the stage.


Here’s my sexy picture with my Chancellor. He’s such a babe. When we got our parchment from him, he was like ‘how’re you going! Congratulations!’ He just wanted to have a chat with everyone instead of being on stage handing out parchments. It made me feel better about my squished fringe. Note to self, curl fringe to side for next year’s grad.


Here’s my picture with Frankie after I’d gotten my parchment! He was upset about how he was dressed, he was just studying in town and wasn’t able to attend my actual graduation so this isn’t his idea of dressing nice by any means haha.


I had a really great day graduating with some of my best friends and I’m really glad that I went! Bring on 2017 and 2020/21!

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Au revoir xxx

4 thoughts on “What to Expect at Graduation = MOTD+OOTD!

  1. I am also graduating this spring and I’m stressing over what to wear! I want to feel special but not be overdressed. I’m done on Monday, but the ceremony is in early June. I’m hoping it’s warm!


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