My Travel Skincare Routine!

Hey guys!

I travel every week and by now, I think I’ve got the perfect skincare routine down. I like using a skincare range from one brand because skincare products are intended to be used together so a small skincare system for travel is perfect for me and perfect for those days where I’m just being super lazy haha. I hope that you enjoy!



The photo above shows all of the skincare samples that we received from the Bloggers United Event but the products that I want to focus on are the three blue samples in the middle of the Enbacci explosion on my quilt cover. Enbacci’s Vitis Vinifera line is perfect for travel because it only has three products and they can be used on all skins.

This line contains a cleanser, a toner mist, and a face cream. The line is so simple and smells so good. Enbacci has developed a unique skincare range utilizing the technology of fruit stem cells. Vitis Vinifera is the latin term for the grape found in central Europe and grape stem cells help to reduce the appearance of ageing due to exposure of environmental stresses! If you want to learn more about this line, check it out here!

All of the Enbacci skincare range is designed for sensitive skin so I knew it was definitely something I wanted to try because I do have very sensitive skin and if I can find something that works and doesn’t break me out, I have to get around it. Another thing that I really want to mention is that Enbacci is cruelty free!

Enbacci’s product are on the more expensive side (gel cleanser $64, cream $103, toner $69), I think that they are definitely worth the price. They feel very luxurious and my skin has been feeling really healthy since using these products. Seeing as it is designed for all skins, the whole family could use this one skincare system while on holiday and you won’t have to lug around different sets of skincare! Pretty efficient.


I hope that you enjoyed this post and I hope that you consider checking out Enbacci! They’re a fantastic Melbourne based brand and I really think that they need some attention because they’re doing a lot of great things!

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