March Favourites!

Hey guys!

March has been a really wild month! I recovered from the Bloggers United Event (still not fully recovered), started handing up assignments for honours, made my first Comgateway order (review coming soon!) and had a really nice Easter weekend! For the most part, I didn’t get a lot of time to discover new things to fall in love with but I do have a few things that I just can’t go on without mentioning in a favourites post haha. I hope that you enjoy it!


March Favourites

1. LUSH Rosy Cheeks Face Mask

I got this mask when I brought back 5 of my empty LUSH pots. I haven’t been visiting LUSH much anymore because it is always packed and I am trying to use up what I have before I purchase more things! I love the LUSH face masks and I’ve talked in length about my love for the Mask of Magnaminty! This mask is a clay mask that sets on the face and it is much more moisturising than other clay masks I’ve tried! The rose scent is very soft and it just makes for a very relaxing mask experience. I love it!

2. Poni Contour Brush

I’ve been using this brush every day since I received it in one of the goodie bags at the Bloggers United Event. I have always wanted a contour brush that is shaped like this and I’m so glad that I now have one! It is very good at applying contour powder to the face and blends it nicely but I tend to go over it with a big fluffy brush. I like that it has quite a small head so I can contour my nose with ease!

3. Kismet Jardin Hydra Gem

I never knew that I needed this product until I started using it! I don’t tend to like having dewy skin because my skin is already oily and to me, when my skin is dewy, it just looks like I need a blotting sheet. This product makes the skin look illuminated without looking greasy. I use it under my foundation and it makes the foundation look more natural on my skin while still having relatively full coverage. I now use this pretty much daily and I’m loving it! I will say, I don’t particularly like the scent but the scent doesn’t linger much after it has been applied to the skin so if you too have an issue with the scent, it will pass! Obviously I love it enough to be a favourite so the scent isn’t too much of an issue for me!

4. Vani-T Mineral Colour Crystals in Angel Wings

I picked this up a little bit after the Bloggers United Event after trying it on the day. I fell in love with it instantly. I’ve used it as an inner corner highlight and an all over lid shade. The pigment is so gorgeous and light. This would make for a really pretty cheek highlight too! The possibilities are pretty endless with this product. If you are wanting to pick it up, you can use the coupon ‘SBBLOG16‘ for $25 off of an order totaling $75!

5. Work From Home – Fifth Harmony

I am a daily Shane Dawson viewer and I follow him on most of the social media that he has. On his snapchat, he keeps posting videos of him lipsyncing or dancing to this song by Fifth Harmony and as a result, I’ve had it stuck in my head all month hahaha. I also love the lipreading version of this song hahaha.

6. Ex Machina

My first movie favourite! I watched this in March because of my obsession with Oscar Isaac getting kinda out of hand toward the end of the month following a dream that was almost this exact story prior to even seeing this film. I am actually so shocked that I had a dream that was basically this movie but in a different setting. Freaky dream aside, this is a pretty crazy fantastic film. I’m not just saying that because of Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson. I don’t want to say too much about it if you haven’t seen it because I feel like the less you know, the better but it was fantastic and I’d highly recommend it.


I hope that you enjoyed my favourites this month!

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Au revoir xxx

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