Review: Elucent Whitening Skincare Range


Hey guys!

Today I’ll be talking about Elucent’s Whitening Skincare range that I received at the Bloggers United Adelaide Event. Boy, did we get a lot of things to try out! As always, I’m going to give an honest review of the products. Just because I didn’t pay for them myself, doesn’t mean that I can’t be completely honest with you. I also want to say that what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. I hope that you find this review helpful!



Elucent Skincare is both vegan and cruelty free as of March 2013, I was really happy about to learn about that. Since becoming a vegetarian, finding products that were at least cruelty free has been really important to me and it has been a bit of a mission, especially when you’re shopping on a budget.

This range targets sun damage, dull skin, discolouration and uneven skin tone. The range doesn’t contain any bleach based ingredients like other whitening products do. I have sensitive skin so something that is important to me is finding something that works for my skin without it having a bad reaction. Certain chemicals in products have made me react and for that reason, I tend to chose natural skincare because there is less of a chance that I’ll react to something, at least that’s what I’ve found so far. This line isn’t completely natural (it contains parabens, perfumes, synthetic chemicals, etc.) but that also doesn’t equal a bad skin time. I just wanted to mention that up front if you’re someone who tends to lean more toward natural or organic products

At the event, we were given full sized products, which I thought was incredibly generous! Elucent Skincare were actually going to be at the event but were unable to make it, which is sad because it would have been really cool to meet people from the brand.

My first thoughts on the line was that the packaging reminded me of La Roche-Posay’s packaging. La Roche-Posay’s products are in the same price range as Elucent’s as well so I think that the packaging fits with their market. Their packaging fits well with their anti-aging range, which has a burgundy stripe instead of a turquoise stripe. The scent reminded me of some cheaper skincare that I’ve tried and that put me off a little bit because with most products have a $40~ price tag, you wouldn’t want to be reminded of something that is less expensive if you’re purchasing something that is more middle ranged and therefore more lux than say Swisse or Sukin (nothing wrong with this brands! I have expressed my love for both in the past!).

The products all have a similar scent except for the Spot Corrector. That has a really unpleasant scent and I’m not sure if it is off or it had gone bad in the heat from the blogging event weekend or if that was the proper smell. I don’t suffer from dark spots so since the first time that I tried it, I haven’t used it again because I am worried that it might not be good or it reacted with the heat. It isn’t something that I need anyway so it’s no big deal for me to not use that product.

Now, I’ll go through what was my night routine with Elucent’s Whitening Range:

With my makeup removed, I used the Exfoliating Cleanser on my damp face and it felt nice against my skin. It wasn’t too harsh and the exfoliating beads felt like granules of sand on my face. I feel bad starting with this product because I have quite a large issue with it that has nothing to do with its performance.
The exfoliant used in this product is synthetic microbeads. Now, I haven’t spoken about this on my blog but I’ve removed all products from my skincare that contain synthetic microbeads because they are damaging to our earth and it is not worth hurting the planet for smooth skin when you could be using something natural or biodegradable in the products and they work just as well. I am pleased to share that Elucent are launching a new version of this product with biodegradable microbeads, which is a huge step in the right direction!
Obviously, if this isn’t something you’re fussed about, then this product is fairly good at making your skin feel clean.

Next up was the Spot Corrector. As I said earlier, I only used this the first time that I used the skincare range just in case it really was meant to smell that way. There was also something faulty with the packaging of the product because it would just spill out of the tube and the cap is filled with the product, which SUCKS because it’s made it difficult to that product now. I don’t really have any dark spots so I don’t really need this product but it was still good to try even thought I don’t need it/not sure if it’s okay haha.

Next, I used the Night Moisturiser. The formula is quite thick and fluffy. I like the consistency and I think that this is a great type of moisturiser to use after exfoliating skin because it can be absorbed quickly. My skin stung a little when I applied the moisturiser and I was reading online that that is usually a common reaction for their Anti-Age range because they use AHA but they don’t use that in the Whitening range so I’m not sure why it stung my skin. I wasn’t rough with the exfoliator.

Next, I used the Eye Cream. I feel like we all need eye creams because the skin around our eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of our face so it is important to accommodate to that but I also feel like eye creams do nothing for me haha. My eyelids don’t get particularly dry or dark and I don’t yet have wrinkles there so I’m not to sure what it could do for me but it didn’t give me a negative reaction. The product just may not be formulated for me, which is totally fine. I didn’t really see anything amazing while I used this product.

Daytime Routine:

I use the Exfoliating Cleanser again in the morning to remove any excess oil that tends to form over night and to gently exfoliate.

Next, I used the Daily Moisturiser. The first time that I tried the product, I applied moisturiser to half of my face and looked at myself. The side that I moisturised looked whiter than the other and then I looked at my hand and it looked quite light. I feel like the thickness of the cream (it seems thicker than most day creams) might make it seem pigmented and give a white cast. I’m not 100% on this, it’s just what I noticed. It is similar to how your skin looks after you’ve applied sunscreen. It actually has a really similar consistency to sunscreen. I was tempted to criticise this product for using sunscreen but because I’ve done research on certain ingredients in skincare, although, I know that in general people prefer SPF in their Daily Moisturiser. I won’t go on about this but if you are sensitive to SPF, this moisturiser has SPF in it. The moisturiser felt sticky for a long time, which would actually make for the perfect skin prep before makeup but if you’re not wearing makeup that day, it may be a bit annoying for you.

I’ve heard that you should see signs of brightening if you use at least the cleanser and two moisturisers, in 4 weeks. It takes around a month to see if skincare is really working for you so I think that that is definitely a fair amount of time to be trialing it, provided you don’t get a reaction from it.
After using the products, I was getting really bad headaches and this happened consistently throughout my trial period so I think I have this range to blame. It might be the fragrance used in it or just an ingredient that didn’t agree with me. Seeing as the Exfoliating Cleanser is one of the key components of the line and I have an issue with the current ingredients used, I won’t be using this range until I can purchase the version with the biodegradable microbeads. I may still use individual products like the Hand Cream but I won’t be using it as my main skincare regime. It makes me really sad that I didn’t enjoy the products because I don’t like posting about products that I don’t truly love. I generally like to keep things positive but also be honest with you all. I felt like I needed to be real about my experience with the products and where I stand on certain ingredients used.

My reaction to the products may not be the same as how you might react to the products so if you’re thinking of using the range, don’t let me stop you. I don’t think that the products are better than products that are cheaper (Swisse in particular is fantastic and cheap) but I don’t think that they’re bad for the price overall. I read other reviews of the range and I haven’t seen many people have reactions to the skincare but I also haven’t seen anyone talk about the microbeads either. If it is something important to you than I would suggest buying something that contains a natural or biodegradable exfoliant or just wait until they release the updated formula 🙂 .


I’m sorry for giving a more negative review on the range. I don’t really feel like myself posting it. Regardless, I hope that you have a really great day.

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