Top 5 Travel Destinations

Hey guys!

I’m having some serious wanderlust at the moment and I thought that it would be fun to share places that I’d love to visit and if you’ve either visited those places or you’re from there, maybe you could recommend things to do or other places that I might enjoy!


5. Montenegro


I recently saw a photo of Montenegro on a travel brochure and I’d never really looked it up before but after seeing that photo, I sort of fell in love. Like many Eastern European countries, the architecture is much older than what you’d find in Australia and it is extremely beautiful. As this is new to my list of travel lusts, I don’t know many things I’d like to do there so this is one place that I’d love to hear your thoughts about.

4. France


I went to France on exchange back in 2013 but I missed out on seeing a lot of awesome things. I was in Normandy and left the exchange just before my class had a trip to Mont Saint Michel so that would be first on my list of things to do. It is also the castle that Rapunzel’s castle was modeled after in Tangled. I also really want to go to eastern parts of France because they have German and Italian influence. I would like to revisit both Disneyland Paris and Rouen if I go to France again. Rouen is my second home haha.

3. The Netherlands


My love of this country stems from my Dutch heritage. I’ve always wanted to feel more connected to this side of my background and learning some Dutch has helped me in a lot of ways but I think visiting the country would make all the difference. The country is really beautiful. I have my heart set on visiting Rotterdam because that’s where my grandpa was born and I also want to see Amsterdam because the roads and architecture are just stunning.

2. United States


There are a TONNE of places that I want to visit in The US. I really want to go to Disneyland and Disney World, for starters. I also NEED to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’d love to go to New Orleans and visit the French Quarter. The US has a lot of amazing sites and let’s be real, I plan on doing a WHOLE HEAP of shopping while I’m there. Probably would need to bring a whole extra suitcase just for purchases because I definitely will go nuts.

1. Japan


Japan is my number one travel destination and I think that probably came at no surprise to anyone. Japan is filled with amazing sites and amazing food and I could cry thinking about all of the things that I want to do when I finally visit this country. I really want to go to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea as well as Universal Studios. I want to go to Harajuku and Akihabara in Tokyo and I also really want to go to Ueno. Kyoto is also near the top of my list for places to visit. I just want to see everything and take photos of everything. Japan has such a different culture and has so many historical sites to see and I cannot wait to see them all.


Where do you want to go on your next holiday?

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