Bloggers United Adelaide Event Recap

Hey guys!
My long awaited Bloggers United post is finally here! I am so excited to finally be able to talk about the amazing day that I had. This post will give you a full run down of exactly how the day went and I’ll give a brief description of each brand that I met with. I’ll also give my thoughts on the day at the end of the post. I wanted to keep this intro pretty short and sweet because this is a mammoth post haha. I hope that you enjoy it!


2 Friendlios.png

Look at me having fun hahaha. I’m so awkward.

The event started at 12:30pm at the Seawall Apartments on Glenelg Beach and when we got there, we were all given a drink and we were introduced to the founders, Nikita and Jasmine and the Adelaide reps, Nici and Kate. We were briefed on how the day was likely to pan out, grabbed a group photo and quickly filed inside to pick up a tote bag filled with snacks, leaflets and a notebook and pen for us to write on. I did actually bring a notebook and pen but I left my bag in a wardrobe in another room so I was very glad to have found them in the tote bag.

1 Group Photo.png

We all went upstairs to hear a talk given by our photographer, Heidi, about taking product photos and basic photography tips. She talked to us about reflecting light and a few iPhone apps that can really help make our photos a whole lot better, for those of us without a decent camera. This was such a great way to start the event because we all had knowledge that we could apply right away throughout the day. I only wish that I could have known the apps earlier so that I could have taken really nice photos during the event. Due to the day being so jam packed full of things to do, I didn’t find a lot of time to take photos, so I will be using the photos that Heidi took throughout the day, with permission from Heidi. After this talk, we all split into groups and went to our first rooms. Each group and room was randomly selected. Each group had 15 minutes with each presenter before they had to move to the next presenter! I was kinda like speed dating haha.

3 Enbacci

The first brand that I saw was Enbacci. The presentation was given by Yong-Li and she was just the cutest ever. Enbacci is a family business from Melbourne that only launched two years ago but their products are pretty amazing. They make skincare that can be used by anyone, with a focus on those with sensitive skin. Enbacci is cruelty free and perfect for those who travel a lot because the products are unisex, so all members of the family can use the same skincare. Pretty cool! We each received a goodie bag with samples of almost every product that we tried during this presentation.

4 Weleda

The second brand that I saw was Weleda. Our presenter was so funny and put us in the best mood to learn about the fantastic things that Weleda has done and is currently doing. Weleda was one of the first organic skincare companies and is considered to be the parent to organic skincare brands. The brand was established in 1921 by Rudolf Steiner and it followed the philosophy that skin is the window to the soul, meaning that anything wrong with you on the inside will also be able to be seen on the skin. Weleda was founded on biodynamic farming and anthroposophical medicine and these principles are still used in the products today. Their product Skin Food is celebrating it’s 90th birthday! We each received a full sized Skin Food and a Body wash. I picked up the almond sensitive skin version!

5 Sniff.png

I had to throw in this photo of me smelling one of the perfumes that Weleda makes. It made me laugh when I saw this photo because I have extreme concentration face on.

6 Kismet Jardin

The third brand that we met was Kismet Jardin. This brand is another skincare brand and they’re based and manufactured in South Australia, which I think is fantastic. I love hearing about people doing fantastic things in this state. We were taught so many things about how we need to be protecting the skin and nourishing it properly. Kismet Jardin showed as a few different ranges of their skin care and also shared their perfumes with us, which I loved. There was one in particular that I enjoyed and I think it had ‘blooms’ in the name but I can’t find it on the website so I’m not sure what it was. If you happen to know it, let me know because I really liked it! We each received a box filled with samples of a few products and a full sized Hydra Gem!

7 Davroe.png

The fourth brand that we saw was Davroe. I really was hoping that Davroe would come to this event because I’d already sampled their products at the Adelaide Makeup and Hair Show and I really loved the shampoo and conditioner that I got. We learnt a lot about hair misconceptions and how to best look after your hair. The team at Davroe is super passionate about good quality, vegan hair care and I’m just in love with them. I felt like everyone who I spoke to said that they had a really good chat with Davroe and they made everyone feel really special. They also helped my group buddy, Ziggy out a lot with her hair dreams. We each received a LARGE box filled with shampoo and conditioners for different hair needs as well as treatments and styling products. We were incredibly lucky to receive so many things!

9 Shanghai bloggie

The fifth brand that we saw was Shanghai Lil and the Scarlet Fez or Shanghai Lil for short. This was my most favourite presentation of the day. The presenter and creator of the little South Australian brand, Mark, was so passionate about his products and you could see the effort that he put into his passion project.

8 Shanghai Lil Balms

In his range there are soaps, perfumes, lip balms, serums and sprays and they all have perfect packaging. The products all have natural scents and are very pleasant. I loved the lip balms the most and we received one in our gift bag. Since the event, I went to Have You Met Charlie? in Regent Arcade and bought two more balms haha. I can’t recommend this brand enough.

10 Runway Room.png

The last presentation before lunch was Runway Room. This was another brand that I was dying to have at this event. I met Kara from Runway Room back at the Adelaide Hair and Makeup Show and she even remembered me! Runway room was started by Alex Fevola 4 years ago and is Melbourne based. This is another brand that I cannot recommend enough and I think that everyone deserves to own a Runway Room lip product. We each received our choice of a lipstick, lipgloss or matte chubby pencil and I picked up the pencil. We also get a free make over from Runway Room which we can book for whenever. I might use it for graduation 🙂

11 Lunch.png

For lunch, we got to try some soon to be released menu items from Oporto delivered to us by Delivery Boys. It was really nice to sit outside and talk to other bloggers and talk about the brands that we’d seen. It was too bad that it was so windy that my eye teared up heaps and ruined one eye hahaha. I sort of fixed it when I caught myself in a mirror half way through round two of speed dating with brands but by then, the damage was done.

12 L'Oreal Prof

After lunch, our first stop was L’Oreal Professional. We spoke with Nikita about Matrix, Pureology, Redkin and Tecniart products. What I loved about this talk was that Nikita really understands the power that bloggers have with marketing products to consumers. For L’Oreals next campaign, they haven’t hired models to showcase the product, they hired bloggers! I think it’s pretty cool to think that any of us could be a model just because we blog about products. I was most interested in the Pureology line because it is directed at colour treated hair and I dye my hair so everything that he said about it was music to my ears. The products are definitely something to get excited about. We each received a goodie bag with full sized products that we talked about during the presentation, which was fantiastic!

13 Vani T

Next up was Vani-T and they are a makeup and tanning brand that is sold in 10 countries and made and manufactured here. You can find them in salons, which is why I hadn’t heard of them prior to the event. While I don’t have much interest in tanning, I do love that they have mineral makeup and that their big focus is on ‘eco glamour’. Their makeup is absolutely stunning. I tried one of their Mineral Colour Crystals and let’s just say I now need them all hahaha. I’m pretty excited about this brand and I can’t wait to talk about them again in a future post. We received a few tanning products as well as a lip glaze, lipstick and a loose pigment in our goodie bags!

14 Natralus

After Vani-T, we walked down the hall to Natralus. I’d used some things from Natralus that I’d received in subscription boxes so I was mildly familiar with the brand. One of their goals is to make the number one natural paw paw ointment, which I think would be super achievable for the brand because they make fantastic products and they just need people to talk about them. One product that I was particularly interested in was Hand Shield, which is like gloves in a tube haha. I can’t wait to do more research on it and try it out. We were told that one of the things that it’s good for is swatching products on your hand and not having them stain your skin, which is a big problem for me. So I’ll be trying that out very soon! We received two huge boxes of products from Natralus! One box was filled with the four paw paw lip butter flavours that have recently been released and the other was filled with paw paw ointment and treatments as well as a Hand Shield and a spray hand sanitiser which I’ve used before and LOVED.

15 Yo Get It.png

Next date was with Yo Get It, with a focus on the new Acai bowls! I have always wanted to try acai bowls but I haven’t had the opportunity until now! The treat is a Brazilian invention that has spread across the world because it is pretty healthy and nutritious. It also makes for a really great breakfast. It is really exciting that somewhere like Yo Get It is making it really easy for people to try it out. It’s especially easy for me to pick up because I can just pop into Marion to grab one. I’d highly recommend trying one! Very yummy and very instagram-able.

16 Dr Hauschka.png

The next date was with Dr. Hauschka. This brand is another German brand and they’ve been around for the last 50 years. Their parent company is Vala, which was established in the 1920s. The brand doesn’t believe in night creams, they said that we need to learn to let the skin do it’s thing. We were given a large book all about the brand and what ingredients do and where they’re sourced. We didn’t hear much about what goes into each product because we were told that we had to do our own research on organic skincare, which to me, felt a little bit rude because both myself and my partner were familiar with organic skincare and I sort of felt as if I wasn’t good enough to hear more about the products but at least I got the book so that I can read all about it. This brand was also in one of the best rooms because their products were featured in the bathroom facing the sea! We received everything in this photo in our goodie bag from Dr Hauschka!

17 REB.png

My last presentation was from REB Cosmetics. This brand is a very small South Australian, vegan, mineral makeup brand that have quite a large range or products. They were very lovely and showed us a lot of great things that they have to offer. They had some really great shadows and we got to pick one up to take home with us so I’m really excited to use it. I definitely think that this brand is one to look out for.

18 Styling Curvy

After we’d finished with our brands, we all went into the second apartment on the ground floor to hear a talk given by Jenni from Styling Curvy. Jenni was super inspirational had the audience in tears from laughter and in the same second, in tears from emotional stories from her life. She was so real with us and I’m so grateful for that. She taught us to remember to stay authentic, only collaborate with brands that you truly love and remember why we started blogging in the first place.

19 Adelady

The girls from Adelady gave a talk right after Jenni and their talk was filled with tips about working with brands and making a name for yourself. They also talked about their secret baby business partner, keeping it real and that you don’t always have to feel #happy.

After this, we were all allowed to collect the rest of the goodie bags, of which there were many. I have two photos showing how much stuff we took home with us.

Now, I’m going to share my thoughts on the day. I thought the day was fantastic. A lot of work went into putting it on for us and you could totally see it. Everything ran relatively smoothly and we got a lot out of the time spent at the Seawall Apartments. The location was fantastic. It couldn’t have been a nicer day at a nicer location. Some improvements that I’d make would be was to have a better set up for Davroe. They were in the kitchen area and while the area was big, people were constantly walking through the area to get a drink or move to their next location so it detracted from their talk a little bit. I also do not think that Oporto was a suitable lunch choice for this event. I know that they were promoting their new menu but their new menu was pretty much suited to meat eaters and no one else. I hardly touched what I was given because I really didn’t like it. I wasn’t hungry at lunch time anyway so it wasn’t so bad but I definitely think that we could have done something better there. You’ve got girls wearing lots of makeup eating greasy fast food. Probably not the best mix haha. And similarly to the Davroe set up, L’Oreal Professional were in a main walkway too and it was constantly interrupted by people walking through the area, which isn’t fair to the brand. Other than that, it was pretty perfect! We got to hear talks from guest speakers and we got oodles of goodies to play with!


Here is a photo of maybe half of the things that we received on the day! I felt so spoiled and I’ve got so much work to do for this blog over the next few months but it’s all so worth it. I can’t wait to share all of the fantastic products with you. I also promise to be creative about how I share the content with you guys, I have a lot of ideas and I know review post after review post can get really boring. So don’t worry, I’ve got you covered haha.


I hope that you’re having a fantastic day!

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Au revoir xxx

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  1. I’m glad you had a great day! I adored your outfit too, by the way.
    Thanks for your constructive feedback as well – we definitely take that kind of feedback on board for future events. Usually we just organise finger food as it’s much easier to nibble on, so we might have to look at going back to something like that. Thanks again lovely 🙂

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