5 Tips for Making University Easier

Hey guys!

Seeing as many people will be heading to university today for the first time, I thought I’d give a few tips for how to make everything a little bit easier. As some of you know, I finished my Bachelor Degree last year, so I have three years of experience under my belt and ready to share with the world haha. I won’t tell you that these tips are going to make university easy but they certainly will make them easier than if you didn’t follow them. I hope that you find this post helpful!


1. Get your assignments started early
As much as it might seem pointless to start assignments before you’ve really learnt much in the course, you might want to consider opening a program like Word to set out headings to make everything easier on yourself later. The sooner that you can get started, the better. By the end of semester, you’ll be thanking yourself for not leaving everything until the last minute.

2. Bring lunch from home
Unless you’ve got some really fabulous job outside of university that can fund the stupidly expensive food that you can buy at university, you’ll want to consider making something or bringing something from home. The Cafeteria food and Cafe food that we have at uni is expensive for students. I also can’t say that the cafeteria food is very nice either, it certainly isn’t very filling. Your stomach and your wallet will thank you for bringing something filling and cheap from home. That way when you need to pick up your uni books, you won’t be searching through your car and under couch cushions for coins.

3. Do your readings
I know it is tempting to not do readings that aren’t required for the tutorials or assignments but it is extremely valuable to read a wide range of texts in your area of study so that your assignments are filled with knowledge and your teachers will see the effort that you’ve gone to. It’ll also help you narrow an area of study within your field that you enjoy and you might want to constantly refer back to it in your other assignments.

4. Consider your options post undergrad
On the first or second day of university, we were spoken to about considering honours, masters, and PhD after our undergraduate degree. If you’re looking into doing something more academic with your degree (provided you love it) then you should start considering what you might want to do right from the beginning. If you think you might do honours, it might be good to focus your work in your field in one specific area so that you can use that information for your honours project later on and save yourself many many tears later on when you don’t have a focused topic for your honours degree.

5. Have fun
One of the best things about university is that you can have a lot of fun and make a lot of good friends. You won’t be doing so much work that you’ll have no social life, especially if you get stuff started early, so try to get out with friends often. The friends that I made on the second day of university are the friends that I still have to this day. I can’t guarantee that the same will happen for you but it is possible and it is one of the best parts about uni. You just meet so many different people that all love the same thing that you love, otherwise you wouldn’t be studying it.


I hope that you have a great start to your degree or year and I hope that you have a fantastic day!

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Au revoir xxx

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