Review: BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette

Hey guys!

Today is my last BH Cosmetics post for a while as I’ve FINALLY posted about everything that I received from them. I have a little (big) story about my experience ordering with them again that I’ll leave after my main review of this product so look out for that again if you’re interested but to begin, I’ll be talking about the Carli Bybel collaboration.



The packaging on the product is really cute. I love the silver lettering and I love the cushion-like pattern that takes over the background. Carli said that she chose this because it looked just like her room and I think that it perfectly fits with her style. The packaging is made of durable cardboard and it is quite slim and would be okay for travel.


A cute touch that was added to the palette was the addition of Carli’s favourite animal, a little penguin, which you can see on the spine of the palette. While I love that she added it, I do feel like it cheapened the palette a little bit because the overall look is quite sleek and then there’s a little clipart penguin chilling on the spine. But it’s so Carli (not cheap) so I will allow it haha.


The inside of the palette is gorgeous. On the inside, you can see a quote by the mirror which is one of Carli’s favourite quotes. She’s all about inspirational quotes so this really fits with her personal style and I absolutely love it. My palette came damaged, with the third highlight shade cracked but I wouldn’t blame BH Cosmetics for this. Auspost is pretty rough with my packages and I was taking a risk having this delivered.

The palette contains ten shadows and four highlight shades. I’ve heard that the deepest highlight shade is really nice for those with quite dark skin so I’m glad that this palette featured something that was usable for a wide range of skin tones rather than something made for paler folk. The only highlight shade that I can really use is the first one. I’m borderline able to wear the second one but it can look a bit dark on me so it is more of a blush topper than a highlight shade. The last two highlights are definitely just large eyeshadows for me. What is annoying about that is that there are four shades in this palette that look almost the same as those highlight shades so you’ve got a bit of a double up if you can’t use those highlight shades for their intended use. However, I will say that I think the highlight shades are of a different quality and have much more of a glowy factor than the eyeshadows so you’ve got a bit of difference there.


Here are the swatches on my arm. What I like most is that there is an even amount of matte shades and shimmery shades so you’ve got quite a lot of options here. There are a lot of highly sought after shades like copper and champagne shades so the palette would look really flattering on a lot of different people. I love the two transition type shades. One is more mauve toned and the other is more brown toned so the palette is really versatile.


Here are the highlights swatched. To me, these are definitely the highlight (excuse the pun) of the palette. Each shade is gorgeous and shimmery and give you an out of this world highlight. You could see that highlight from the moon, honestly. Even though the last two shades are definite shadow colours, they’re so beautiful that you couldn’t even complain about that aspect. The quality of these powder products are phenomenal for the price that you’re paying for the palette.

Would I recommend you purchase this palette? Yes. This palette is one of BH Cosmetics highest quality palettes. I have a few now and this is definitely the best for pigmentation and blendablity. I definitely think that this is worth a go. I believe I paid about $10 USD for this palette while it was on sale. It is retailed at $20 but it is on an almost permanent sale of $12.50, so it is reasonable at all prices.

Now on to BH Cosmetics. I had a lot of issues ordering from BH Cosmetics this time around. I made an account the last time I made an order (back when I ordered the Lock Lipsticks and Galaxy Chic palette) and I also signed up to be an affiliate. I never did anything with being an affiliate, as you can tell on this blog. I only really talk about what I buy that one time and I don’t really feature them again because I don’t really use the products a whole lot, expect for this Carli Bybel palette. I’d been able to access my account many times to check past orders and to look at tracking and all that jazz. This time around, I used my account again and logged in when I was ordering and it all went rather smoothly until about a week later when I just wanted to check on shipping. I couldn’t log in at all and every time I tried to enter my email to retrieve my password, it kept saying my account didn’t exist, regardless of me previously being able to log in and access my information.
I messaged BH Cosmetics about this quite a number of times and every time they dodged my questions and tried to tell me things that I didn’t need answers to. I was really blunt in my last email to them because I was tired of being played around with and they told me I had no account and I’d been ordering as a guest, despite having told them numerous times that I had accessed it before. The issue was never resolved. I just quit talking to them because they clearly weren’t going to help me. This whole experience left such a sour taste in my mouth about the brand and how they aren’t very willing to help their customers. Especially since I’m meant to promote their brand. I doubt very much that I will be ordering with them again, which is a real shame but their products are very hit and miss and I’d rather invest my money elsewhere where their customer service is really good and the products are of consistent quality. And with that, it is time for me to get off my soap box haha.


I hope that this post has been helpful for you. I know it didn’t really end on a positive note but the palette itself is really quite something. I hope that you’re having a wonderful day.

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