Review: BH Cosmetics Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Lipgloss Set!

Hey guys!

Following on from Wednesday’s post, today I’ll be reviewing the BH Cosmetics Pride and Prejudice and Zombies lipgloss set that was released along with the palette. I don’t tend to be much of a lipgloss wearer but if a formula is particularly pleasing to me, I’ll wear it. I bought these purely because they were Price and Prejudice and Zombie themed. I really wanted to see how BH Cosmetics made their glosses and if they were worth the price, even though their products are fairly inexpensive. I hope you enjoy the post!



The set contains five glosses, each gloss is named after one of the Bennett sisters. This information isn’t actually on the website so I thought that it would be useful to let you know that in this review in case it might sway you to buy it haha.


Here is the back of the packaging. It has the same filigree pattern that it does on the front and on the eyeshadow palette. I love reading the blurb part in French!


Here are the glosses out of the packaging. Left to right, we have: Mary, Jane, Lydia, Kitty, Elizabeth.

Both Kitty and Lydia have frosty finishes and the rest have a creamy finish. My favourite gloss is Elizabeth because it is the perfect shade of neutral pink that I’ve been really loving at the moment (think MAC Brave).


This is what the applicator on the gloss looks like. This is the biggest let down to the product, in my opinion. It actually made me really disappointed when I opened the tube and saw this little brush. I tend to favour doe foot applicators because they are very easy to work with. These brushes can leave a streaky application and are just not really the best ever. This part is where the ‘you get what you pay for’ is most apparent. Other than that, the glosses aren’t really that bad if you like lipgloss.


Here are the swatches. Again, left to right, we have: Mary, Jane, Lydia, Kitty, Elizabeth. Unfortunately, my favourite sister, Jane is one of the poorest glosses in terms of pigmentation. Jane acts as more of a clear gloss than a baby pink gloss, which is still usable but it is a little disappointing when the others are so pigmented. Lydia was a bit surprising because it was less frosty than Kitty. I usually favour a creamy gloss but I actually really like Kitty. I tried it out on it’s own and I thought it gave a bit of a mythical creature vibe – fae, most likely.

Overall, I don’t really know if I’d recommend purchasing them. If you’re like me and you want it for the Pride and Prejudice factor, I’d say get them. If you really like collecting glosses, then I’d also recommend them. But if you’re on a budget and you’re looking for some good glosses to pick up, I’d recommend the NYX Butter Lipglosses and L’Oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire glosses.


I hope that you are all having a wonderful day !

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