Review: Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks!

Hey guys!

This month, Australia finally received the Maybelline Creamy Matte lipsticks. I have been waiting very patiently for these to be released here since they were first released overseas and everyone was going nuts over them! I’d watched countless reviews online and now, I can add my review to the list of many before me. The most popular shades of the bunch being Touch of Spice and Divine Wine, which also happen to be the two that I had to pick up in Priceline! I hope that you enjoy the review!


These lipsticks are exactly as the name suggests. They have a creamy texture that glides smoothly over the lips and leaves a matte finish. These are extremely comfortable to wear and they have a great opacity to them. There is a reason these are so popular around the world, they’re great quality lipsticks.


I went through a recent purge of my lipstick collection and a lot of Maybelline lipsticks had to go because they were getting a bit old. But I also noticed that I never really got any use out of them while they were in my collection, even though they were one of my first lipsticks that I collected. The original Color Sensational line isn’t my favourite at Priceline. I feel like they are comfortable but have very little staying power. They have a tendency slip and slide around the lips. These creamy mattes are nothing like that at all.


These lipsticks really stay put when you put them on. When you put them on, they may transfer a little bit on your cup or on someone’s cheek but after you’ve had them on for a few hours, they lose most of the moisture in the lipstick and they have hardly any transfer.


The colours aren’t super unique but they are very sought after, so Maybelline did us all a solid by giving us these colours at a drugstore price with a fantastic formula. Touch of Spice, on the left, is supposed to be a dupe for MAC Twig, although I haven’t swatched them side by side. Divine Wine, on the right, is supposed to be a dupe for MAC Diva.


I did both swatches with one swipe of the lipstick on my arm so you can see the pigmentation from one swipe. These are really fantastic quality. They retail for around $17-$18 at Priceline and I think they’re well worth it at full price but nothing is nicer than getting great quality lipsticks for an even better price haha. When the next makeup sale is on, I’m going ham on the other shades haha. I’m looking at you, Lust For Blush!


I hope that you enjoyed this post. Have you tried out any of the shades? Do you have a favourite?

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