Valentine’s Week: Lipstick Recommendations

Hey guys!

Today is the last day of Valentine’s week and is also Galentine’s Day! I hope that if you’re celebrating, you have the best day with your gal pals. Today, I wanted to talk about a few lip options that I’d recommend for your special day. I have a few options depending on what sort of lip you like rocking! I hope that you enjoy it!



My first recommendation is MAC Velvet Teddy. The perfect nude for most people. You can pair it with so many different lip liners to help it suit you. It suits my pale complection quite well on its own. This one is perfect if you’d like the focus of your makeup to be on your eyes too!

My second recommendation is Jeffree Star’s Masochist! This one just got restocked on the Jeffree Star website so pick it up quick if you don’t already have it! This pink is quite deep so on me, it comes off quite red sometimes. This is just a gorgeous colour and it won’t transfer if you want to sneak a little kiss with your Valentine!

My third and last recommendation is L’Oreal’s Bloody Mary. This shade is a dupe for MAC’s Russian Red and I think it is the perfect shade of red. This is an incredibly comfortable lipstick with a matte finish. Nothing screams Valentine’s day quite like a red lipstick.

Also, if you’re interested in picking up the Beauty Swatch Cards that I used for this post, you can get them from Rouche Boutique!


What do you guys think? What lipstick do you think you might wear if you go out on Valentine’s Day? I hope that you’ve enjoyed this week’s posts! I can’t wait to get back to our regular schedule on Monday! Have a good Valentine’s Day everyone!

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Au revoir xxx

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