Valentine’s Week: Celebrity Crushes

Hey guys!

Whenever someone asks me who my celebrity crush is, I always draw a blank. Even when I was writing this post, I really struggled to think of everyone that I might want to add to this list. I thought that for Valentine’s week, because Valentine’s Day is the 14th, I’d share my love for 14 celebrities and I would LOVE to hear who your celebrity crushes are and if you agree with any in my list!



Matt Bomer: AHHH Matt Bomer. I’m not sure where I first saw him, I knew he was in White Collar and Chuck, although at the time, I hadn’t seen either of those shows. I loved him so much in American Horror Story and then when my boyfriend and I watched Chuck together, I fell in love with him again. He’s just so pretty.

Brandon Routh: Most people would remember Brandon Routh as Superman but I was first introduced to him as Todd, Ramona Flowers’ evil ex boyfriend in Scott Pilgrim vs The World. The worst vegan ever. Fun fact, he was also in Chuck and I loved him just as much in Chuck. Also fun fact, I paired these two together because in Chuck they both are romantically linked to one of the main characters and her name is Sarah and the actor who plays her is Australian. So it’s basically me.


Alexander Skarsgard: As soon as I saw him in True Blood, I was like YES. Eric is one of my most favourite characters in True Blood and by the end of the show, I was basically just watching for him and Alcide. I only recently realised that he’s in Zoolander as one of the male models that are in the Orange Mocha Frappuccino scene. RIP gorgeous male models.

Joe Manganiello: First fell in love with Joe in Spider Man as Flash and then we met again in True Blood and I was one happy camper. Even before watching True Blood, I knew I’d like Alcide and I almost bought a POP Vinyl of him but I told myself not to because I hadn’t seen the show yet and now that I have, that POP hasn’t shown up anywhere in stores and it is mildly distressing. I watched Magic Mike mainly for him and Matt Bomer but I only got through half of it because I felt very uncomfortable watching my loves dance for the ladies.


Jennifer Lopez: My maid in Manhattan, my wedding planner, my Jenny from the block. My love for JLo is endless. When I was trying to find the perfect picture on google and I was there for half an hour just staring at how gorgeous she is. It probably doesn’t help that my boyfriend loves her too and we end up singing ‘dámelo papi chulo’ at each other.

Sofia Vergara: I first saw her as Gloria in Modern Family and I just loved her so much. She is so gorgeous and she is one part of the most gorgeous couple in Hollywood (Joe Manganiello+Sofia Vergara). I really, really wish I had her hair.

Screenshot (4)Sam Heughan_1 2

Caitriona Balfe: I love Outlander and I love her so much. She is so gorgeous and she was actually a very successful model before playing Claire Beauchamps in Outlander. She does a fantastic job in the show. She was also one of the Clackers in The Devil Wears Prada!!

Sam Heughan: ACH JAMIE. Sam plays the most loved character in Outlander, Jamie Fraser. He has the funniest lines and one of the saddest stories. I am so excited to see these two again in April when the next season comes out!

Oscar Isaac-LMK-114417tumblr_inline_nazxa4XEoY1swrb54

Oscar Isaac: My Oscar Isaac obsession has probably grown out of control in the past two months since Star Wars: The Force Awakens but I loved him since Drive. I have had to ban myself from buying too many Poe Dameron collectables because if I was unleashed into the world of Poe Dameron collectables, I’d be in debt and I would be on the streets for sure. I’m so excited for the next Star Wars movies. I think this new film did a great job at bringing back the fans and of course, a little bit more of Oscar Isaac couldn’t hurt.

Lee Pace: Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Pace. First loved him Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day and then since then, I had to watch everything he ever did. Soldier’s Girl (very traumatic), The Fall (my personal favourite), Pushing Daisies, TWILIGHT (i know), and so many other things. I chose to pair these two together because they’ve both been part of two of my most favourite series, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, respectively.


Chris Pratt: My favourite Chris Pratt character is probably Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation. He his hilarious and the way that they incorporate his rapid weight loss into the show is so great. He just seems like such a fun guy. And of course, I love him with Anna Faris. I love hearing how much he loves her and how he fell in love with her. They’re such a sweet couple.

Gwen Stefani: Gwen Stefani is an inspiration. I love her most recent songs because they talk about such sad things and the music is so beautiful. When she performed I Used To Love You on the Voice last year, I cried. Not only because the song is really emotional and her performance was very emotional, but her whole outfit and the background looked so heavenly. She literally looked like an angel. And I just love her so much.


Dan Stevens: Dan Stevens played my most favourite character in Downton Abbey and let’s just say, I said the most emotional goodbye to his character ever and ended up not finishing the show because I was distraught after his character left. I am so excited to see him play Beast in the live action Beauty and the Beast next year!

Colin Firth: Colin Firth is the oldest person on my list and also the longest loved person on this list. Ever since I saw him in Pride and Prejudice when I was younger, I fell in love with him. Who can resist Mr. Darcy? Well… I probably could. But I couldn’t resist Colin Firth haha. I loved him in Bridget Jones’s Diary, Love Actually, Nanny McPhee, Kingsmen, etc. I paired these two together because they’ve both played characters in Jane Austen films and their roles in those films is basically how I fell in love with them.


Phew! If you made it through all of that, give yourself a pat on the back! I hope that you’re having a wonderful day!

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