Review: Barry M Aquarium Collection Nail Polishes

Hey guys!

Today, I wanted to talk to you about a little nail polish collection from Barry M that I really like. I don’t have every polish from this collection, I’m still trying to get my hands on the golden flecks nail polish but I thought that I’d share with you what I have because I failed to write about it in my January Favourites post on Monday, despite it being in the picture. I’m a weenie. Anyway, I hope that you enjoy!


The nail polish collection that I want to talk about is the Aquarium Collection and it is filled with gorgeous shimmery polishes with duochrome finishes that will just melt your heart. The two polishes that I couldn’t leave the store without were Pacific and Mediterranean.


Pacific is a gorgeous blue with a teal green shift and Mediterranean is a pink with gold shift. Both of them look really stunning on the nail!


Here is Pacific on my nails. I had worn this for almost a week before I had taken a picture of it on my nails so excuse some of the chipping that you might be able to see. The shift in this polish isn’t as striking as Mediterranean and for that reason, I don’t love this one as much. It is still a gorgeous colour though.


This is Mediterranean on my nails. It isn’t the best swatch but I couldn’t get the camera to focus on my nails because they’re so reflective! I’d had this on for a few days before I’d taken a picture, like Pacific.


The wear time on both of these polishes is really good. They last a long time because the polish is mostly glitter based so it can’t come off in one chunk, like a cream formula. Because of its finish, it also makes it a bit of a challenge to remove. I use one of those little pots with nail polish remover in it and a sponge that you can rub your nail on and it took me quite a while to remove the polish but I did succeed in the end.

I would highly recommend these polishes and if I had to pick one to get, I’d pick Mediterranean. These polishes retail for around $10 and they’re well worth the money. I think Barry M nail polishes are really nice. They probably don’t beat my Sally Hansen ones yet but they’re definitely up there.


I hope that you’re having a really gorgeous day!

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