5 Ways to Care For Your Skin While You’re Sick

Hey guys!

I recently woke up with a nasty cold and it made me think about sickness how it affects your skin and body. Your skin has a tendency to dry out a lot around your nose and lips during a cold and I have some handy tips on how to avoid all of this nastiness and I thought I’d share them with you!



Here’s me, genuinely sick. I’ve been feeling like absolute rubbish since Saturday and I wanted to make sure that my skin didn’t look as rubbish as I felt haha.

1. Drink lots of water

This seems like an obvious one but we tend to forget it when we’re trying our best to rest. I like to set myself half hour timers to make sure that I’m drinking at least a sip every half hour. This is less to hydrate the skin but more to flush out the toxins and keep your temperature down. It’ll help to stop you looking like a little tomato haha.

2. Moisturise your nose… endlessly

Constantly blowing your nose causes friction of the tissue (even tissues with added moisturizer) around the nose, resulting in red, dry, irritated skin. After every blow or after nose blowing session haha, apply a small amount of cream to the nose area for comfort and repair. If you look for creams that contain ceramides and lipid-rich oils, you’ll be in for some ultimately soothing moisturisation. Also applying a lip balm regularly will help you out loads.

3. Mint is your new bestie

Fighting an infection can leave skin looking gaunt and sallow and congestion makes it hard to breathe. Look for products with natural mint oils, which will open up clogged nasal passages. Masks are great for this. LUSH’s Mask of Magnaminty is going to be your best friend throughout your sickness! And a good cup of peppermint tea will help to soothe a sore throat, help drain sinuses and ease congestion

4. Hydralyte to help the fight!

I like to use products that help with quick hydration like Hydralyte, when I’m feeling poorly or I’m just dehydrated. Of course you can use any brand that does a similar thing but Hydralyte is my go to product. You’ll want to rehydrate your skin because the cold or flu is stripping out moisture from your body, which will make things much harder to revive post-cold if you don’t sort it out during your cold. This will also be pretty easy to do if you’re already drinking a lot of water throughout the day.

5. Get a good night’s rest!

Getting a good rest will not only speed up the healing process but it will also give your skin a break from the constant blowing of the nose. When I go to bed, I make sure I put on a really good moisturiser so that my skin can really soak it all up at night and my nose can repair after being attacked by tissues. Getting a good night’s sleep is hard when you’re constantly being woken up by your cold but if you put a sleeping mask on, you might find you’re able to fall asleep again quite easily.


I hope that you aren’t experiencing the summer cold right now, like I am. If you are, I hope that you’re all cozy with a cup of hot soup and your favourite book!

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Au revoir xxx

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