Review: Barry M Genie Lipstick

Hey guys!

Barry M has finally been fully stocked at Big W and I thought I should try some things out so that you can get a better idea of the hits, misses or just interesting products from Barry M. I am really happy that we have a good selection from this brand now because I’ve heard so many good things and my favourite nail polish Speedy Quick Dry Polish in Pit Stop is from Barry M so I just have to review more of the range haha. Today’s post is all about the colour changing lipstick Genie that is the best party trick ever haha.



Genie is green but magically turns your pout an ultra-long lasting personal shade of pink. It does this by adapting to the Alkaline in your lips. So, every person is different and every look is unique!
Genie is meant to last for eight hours but on my lips and hand, it stains so it lasts even longer on me, provided I’m not eating anything too oily. Genie is actually an improved formulation of Barry M’s popular ‘Touch of Magic’ lip paint. The finish is quite glossy. It reminds me of MAC Lustre lipsticks but with more pigmentation.


I really love this lipstick because it is science in a tube and I’m all about that life. Definitely give it a go when you’re in Big W!


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