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Hey guys!

My style is pretty erratic but I did want to talk to you about the individuals that influence my style, both in makeup and in fashion. This post will mostly be fashion-based and I haven’t really spoken about fashion too much on this blog but I am willing to learn more so that I can talk about it. My style would more closely reflect those I’m influenced by if I’d hurry up and make another order on Taobao. I am looking to do one soon so stay tuned. I might feature the items I purchase on here. On to the looks!


Lucy Jean Bemis


Lucy is the daughter of Eisley’s Sherri DuPree-Bemis and Say Anything’s Max Bemis. I adore this family and everything that Lucy wears. From what I know, Lucy picks everything she wears. She is heavily inspired by Japanese Street Fashion, which we’ve seen on Sherri’s Instagram.


Lucy is basically a miniature Sherri and I think it is the best thing ever. I am totally obsessed with this child.


Melanie Martinez


Melanie was a contestant on the Voice in 2012 and is now a successful musician. I am completely in love with her music and her style. She, too, is influenced by Japanese fashion. She tends to wear a lot of lolita clothing but in her own unique way, which is really cool.


I love her split dyed hair and her gap tooth. I’m convinced that she is the cutest lil thing on the planet.


Katie Amelia


Katie’s instagram account is one of my most favourite instagram accounts, as I mentioned in Monday’s post. She has such a gorgeous sense of style and she just looks as cute as a button. This style suits a whole load of people and with inspiration from someone like Katie, I doubt you’ll have too much trouble navigating this style.


This style is especially well suited to those with a similar body type to my own. High-waisted pants and fit and flare dresses are perfect for those of us with a smaller figure on top and a larger figure on the bottom. Katie just knows how to perfectly put together an outfit. As I said on Monday’s post, I wish that we could share a wardrobe.


I hope that you enjoyed having a little look at those who I am influenced by. I have been trying to break out with lolita and make it more my own style rather than strictly lolita rules because I think that was what stopped me wearing it. I definitely want to get more and more into 50s fashion because I think it is so classy. I hope that you’re all having a fantastic day and if you have any instagram recommendations for me, let me know in the comments!

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Au revoir xxx

RIP Alan Rickman

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