Review: LUSH Toothy Tabs

Hey guys!

In the boxing day LUSH sale, I picked up some of the Toothy Tabs because they were something I’d always wanted to try but I just was never drawn to them because they aren’t one of LUSH’s ‘pretty’ items. I don’t hear many people talking about the toothy tabs but I think everyone should be because they’re a really cool product. In the next week, LUSH is bringing a whole new line of Toothy Tabs so I thought it would be great for me to share with you how I feel about the product so that you have an easier time deciding if they’re for you!



The three flavours that I managed to pick up during the sale were Chou Chou… I Love You, Breath of God and Atomic. I didn’t read what the flavours actually were when I bought them, I just saw them and put them in my cart because I didn’t want to miss out on them. In the end, they only cost me $1.75 each anyway so it wouldn’t have been a loss to me if I had hated them all.


Toothy Tabs are little tablets that you crush between your front teeth and then you proceed to brush your teeth with a wet tooth brush. The tab really foams up so you end up looking a little bit rabid when you’re brushing your teeth haha. The idea behind this product is to diminish waste from the packaging of regular tooth paste. I think the idea is fabulous and I love how so many of the LUSH products are ‘naked’ or without packaging.

I will be honest, I detested the taste of Atomic. I just didn’t like the flavour combination, I couldn’t finish brushing my teeth faster. I also didn’t really like Breath of God but it was nowhere near as unpleasant. I gave both of those flavours to my boyfriend. I really loved Chou Chou because the rose scent isn’t overpowering and leaves a sweet taste in your mouth once you’ve finished brushing your teeth. One thing that I noticed was consistent with all of the Toothy Tabs was that they left your teeth feeling squeaky clean. Like I don’t think my teeth have felt that clean before.

I’d really recommend this product. I love the concept and if you find a flavour you enjoy, I think that this would be really easy to switch to using Toothy Tabs over tooth paste. There are a number of mint flavoured tabs so if you don’t want to switch flavour, they have your traditional tooth paste flavour available.


I hope that you enjoyed this post and I hope that you check out Toothy Tabs if you have a chance!

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