Review: MAC Faerie Whispers

Hey guys!

This past Monday, the Faerie Whispers collection arrived in Australia and I was so excited because all of the promo photos looked gorgeous but I hadn’t seen very much of the collection online and no one really seemed to be talking about it or anything. The collection was a little lacklustre so I totally understand why people weren’t overly excited about it when it arrived here. I picked up one lipstick from the collection and I am here to share swatches and thoughts on the collection!



Here’s a little look at the promo shot. It is absolutely stunning. It feels like they pulled this photo from my imagination and I was just so ready for this collection.


The colours lean much more pink purple than anything else. When I think of faeries, I think green and brown more than pink but I’m still happy we saw pinks and purples because they’d probably sell better than greens. The eyeshadows looked gorgeous but when I swatched them they weren’t as pigmented as I wanted them to be. I haven’t bought myself any MAC eyeshadows yet because to me they don’t feel worth it when you can buy similar or better for cheaper from other places. I’m sure with fix+ they’d work better but for the price, I’d love for them to work well on their own.

The lipsticks are very neutral which I think is very smart but also a little boring. Only one of the lipsticks really called to me and I think if there was the same colour from MAC that was permanent, I probably wouldn’t have bought it but for the name and the fact that it was limited edition, I thought I’d give it a go and I really like it so I’m really happy I picked it up. The shade I got was Among the Fireflies.


When I went to pick up my lipstick, I picked up Velvet Teddy as well because I’d been eyeing it off for so long and I was just so worried it wouldn’t suit me but I’m surprised how much it does. I definitely don’t have colours like this in my collection, which is saying something because my collection is pretty extensive now haha.


On the left, there’s a swatch of Velvet Teddy and on the right is Among the Fireflies. The name is just so cute and I love it. The pigmentation doesn’t look fantastic in this picture but it is actually really nice. It is a cremesheen finish so it is glossy but it is nicely pigmented.


Here’s a picture of me wearing Among the Fireflies. I am surprised how much I liked it. It felt like a bit of a gamble because I don’t usually wear these sorts of colours. I love the colour because it is a cooler brown colour, that’s probably why it does suit me.


I thought I’d also throw in a photo of me in Velvet Teddy because I’m really happy with it and I feel stupid for not buying it sooner haha


I hope that you’re all having a fantastic day and give the Faerie Whispers collection a little look when you’re out shopping.

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Au revoir xxx

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