Think Dirty, Shop Clean!

Hey guys!

I hope that everyone has had a good holiday so far! On my Instagram and my Facebook page, I posted about how I was using a new app to help me learn which of my products were not doing such good things for my skin. Ever since I had my facial at Y Natural (post can be found here), I’ve been trying to become educated about what ingredients are harmful to the skin and how I can make more educated decisions about my skin care. I had been using the Y Natural – Ingredients to avoid page but I recently found an app that can help you log the products you have and it tells you whether the ingredients in the product are safe for your skin and if they aren’t, it is able to give you an alternative! If you’re interested in having happy, healthy skin, I think you’ll really love this app!



This app is free on the App Store at the moment and I believe that there is an Android version on its way, so look out for that if you have an Android phone. This app analyses both beauty, hair and skin care products.

You’ll need to make an account when you get the app, this will help to track your barcodes and products that you own. In the future, it will help you when you want to connect with your friends on the app and see their shelves. I’m very excited for the social aspect of this app because when you’re all in this together, it makes the journey a whole lot easier.

This app has three different stages that each ingredient in a product can fall into:


Half ‘n’ Half


Each product is given an overall rating based on the ingredients found in their products. I find that most of them are rating according to the worst ingredient in their product but it is important to know because lets say one ingredient in a food is poison, just because its a small amount, doesn’t mean that the product as a whole won’t be damaging to you. Often, the killer ingredient in a product that gives it the dirty rating is parfum or fragrance.

This app is really great because you can check up on brands that you’ve maybe thought were ‘more natural’ than others, for example, LUSH. I am not about to go and hate on LUSH, I think that everyone is well aware of my love for this brand. However, you’ll find that a lot of LUSH products fall into the DIRTY category because they use a lot of fragrance in their products, which can be extremely irritating to sensitive skin and is not good for any skin type. Frangrance is definitely a drawing point for a lot of people, myself included. LUSH are very open about which ingredients in their products are not natural and they don’t claim to be completely natural so they’re definitely in no trouble, but if you are someone who needs to look out for certain ingredients or certain ingredients give you an allergic reaction, this app might help you find out what that might be.

A surprising discovery was that the Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks and Balm stains are actually a clean product. It’s just too bad that I’d rather not buy from the brand because of the racial issues that they’ve had but if you are still happy to buy from them, those two lip products are very safe to wear.

I always say that the CoverGirl lipsticks taste kind of like soap. I’m not intentionally eating them but when I am eating something or I lick my inner lip, I notice it. I don’t remember if this is a feature of the older lip products but in the recent formula, it is definitely an issue for me. This might be due to the fact that the product being pretty toxic. So, it really pays to look into this sort of thing.


So, now I’m going to be a lot more mindful about which skincare and makeup that I’m going to buy. Makeup, to me, isn’t so bad because you don’t put it on with the hopes that it’ll soak into your skin and you take it off at the end of the day, so I won’t be too picky about it. I’d probably be picky for lipsticks because you’re consuming them as you wear them. So, I’m definitely going to be mindful of my skincare because I really want healthy skin!

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