Christmas Outfit Ideas!

Hey guys!

By now, you’ve probably got some sort of idea about what you might wear on Christmas Day or whatever Christmas celebration you’re having. In case you hadn’t, I thought I’d share with you some ideas for what you might wear if you were going to dress festively! In Australia, it’s summer when this festive season rolls around so wearing something awesome is sometimes the last thing you’re thinking of when you’re sweating through everything you own. Nevertheless, I wanted to give some ideas so that you can get more excited about this season!



The first outfit that I wanted to share was a cute Christmas Summer outfit! This look kind of sits between being dressy and being casual, which is perfect for those who celebrate in the Southern Hemisphere because you will want to look good, but not too good with it being so hot. I wanted to incorporate a few traditional (Coca Cola) Christmas colours. Did you guys know that Santa wasn’t red and white until the Coca Cola ads?

  • Dress:
  • Shoes:
  • Bag:
  • Earrings:
  • Bow Bracelet:
  • Red Bracelet:


For all of you meme lovers out there, this Mememas outfit is the perfect outfit for you! This is probably an outfit you’d pick if you knew that wherever you were going had air conditioning because you may pass out in it if you aren’t careful! I KNOW WHEN THAT HOTLINE BLING

  • Hotline Bling Sweatshirt:
  • Leggings:
  • Shoes:
  • Earrings:
  • Jeffree Star Lipstick:


For the person that loathes Christmas on the outside but loves it on the inside, here’s a Grinch outfit that I put together! I love How the Grinch Stole Christmas and I love family Grinchs too (lookin’ at you, Mum). There’s even a black heart necklace for your heart that is two sizes too small.

  • Sweatshirt:
  • Leggings:
  • Heart Necklace:
  • Gift Bag:


And here’s probably the most realistic Christmas outfit. Often the outfit that is worn in the morning when presents are opened with family. Don’t be ashamed of your comfy Christmas, we all wish that we could be dressed like this 24/7

  • Robe:
  • Slippers:
  • Socks:
  • Headband:
  • iPhone Case:
  • Lipgloss:

I’ve never done this on my blog before but seeing as last post was my 200th post, I thought it was time to start doing something new so I thought that I’d add a poll to this post so that you guys can vote for your favourite look!


 I hope that you are all having a great day!

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Au revoir xxx

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