Lush Christmas Goodies!

Hey Guys!

I know I’ve spoken with you about how much I love LUSH’s Christmas releases but I thought I’d share with you again because LUSH were kind enough to send me a little box of goodies, which came perfectly timed now that my intensive course is over and I actually have the time to relax and use these! I’m also going to be making a gift guide in the very near future and I’ll probably feature some of these items in there!



I was so excited when I got my package from LUSH. As I’ve mentioned before, I die over the LUSH Christmas stuff and so I died again when I received this package. I have used two of these items before, Snow Fairy (a favourite) and Star Dust, I’m so happy to have back-ups of these because I go through them like I have an endless supply of both money and LUSH goodies (I don’t). So, let’s talk about some of these products.

Snow Fairy is my most favourite body wash from LUSH. I purchase a bottle every year and pray that it lasts until the next Christmas release! It is a candyfloss flavoured shower gel that has little shimmers in it. I haven’t noticed the shimmers on my skin so if you’re worried about that happening, fear not! It is very sweet smelling and can cause candyfloss headaches so maybe use in moderation if you know you could go into a candy induced coma very easily haha.

A product that I’ve never used before is First Snow. It is a sparkling dusting powder and gosh is it sparkly. It is described as a ‘twinkling powder that leaves your skin looking as if it’s been kissed by frosty snowflakes’ and I think that is such a romantic description. When I tried it out, I was so happy with it. I love sparkles (duh) so this product just seemed like it was made for me! I remember one time that I went into LUSH and one of the girls was starting to show it to me and she goes ‘wait what am I saying, I know you know what it is!’ Do I go into LUSH too often? Probably. I know that I’ll be putting some of this on me tomorrow for my Disneybounding Birthday party! I can’t wait to share that with you guys on Monday!

Star Dust is such a gorgeous little bath bomb. It is shimmery, like a star, and the smell is so relaxing. The scents in this bath bomb are ‘Fair Trade Ugandan Vanilla and Peruvian Rosewood’ DIVINE. This makes the bath feel very luxurious, a perfect way to wind down and relax after long hard days of work/study/being awesome. You definitely deserve the star treatment 😉

And finally, Bar Humbug bubble bar! I haven’t used this one before either, and I actually STILL haven’t used a bubble bar from LUSH despite having bought Holly Go Lightly on my last spend. I just haven’t found the time since I bought it, I guess! I was very excited to receive this product because I LOVE Licorice and this bar smells of aniseed, like a humbug. At the start of the tale, Scrooge and I would have absolutely nothing in common. However, by the end, I think that I would say we are Christmas-loving, kindred spirits, so I’ll indulge in this bubble bar and think of Scrooge, Tiny Tim and sing “It Feels Like Christmas” from the Muppet’s adaption of the classic story. ILY Scrooge ❤ (kinda)


A huge thank you to LUSH for sending me this gorgeous box of goodies! I couldn’t be more grateful. I hope that everyone is having a really great day and if you’re feeling like you need a little pick me up, LUSH’s Christmas range has got you sorted!

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Au revoir xxx

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