Review: Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Androgyny ft. NewbytoBeauty

Hey guys!

Today, I’m sharing a very special post with you guys! I collaborated with my best buddy Zoe from NewbytoBeauty to show you guys how Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in Androgyny looks on each of us. We are both quite pale girls but we both have different undertones and we do our makeup quite differently. I also have dark hair and she has blonde hair so there’s always that. I know a tonne of people who are pale were worried that this colour wouldn’t suit them but because it was limited edition in the Christmas collection, they still bought it or wanted to buy it. A few days ago, Jeffree told his followers on Instagram that he’d be making Androgyny permanent and it is set to be rereleased in Februrary! I purchased my lipsticks from the holiday collection from Rouche Boutique and they should be stocking Androgyny when it is rereleased 🙂 So, lets get on to the swatches!


When swatches started appearing in the beauty groups, I was so worried that this shade wasn’t going to suit me. It was advertised as a dusty rose colour, which is pretty much the most popular lipstick colour of the minute aha. However, personal swatches were showing that the shade was much more brown than anyone had first anticipated. In fact, all of the shades (except Drug Lord) were darker than how they were originally advertised. I know that lip colours look different on different people and they’ll especially look darker on light skin tones but there was quite a big difference in actual lip colour versus advertised lip colour.


The colour is really beautiful and even though it was different to what we were expecting to receive, I still don’t regret purchasing it at all and I think that it is still quite wearable. I don’t own anything quite like it and I love the way that it looks on me. I also love the way that it looks on Zoe, but she can pull off pretty much any lip colour, I’m so jealous haha.


To me, I think that the shades that were released in this Christmas collections aren’t of the same quality as the other permanent colours. They transfer more than the others and seem to wear differently but that could also be due to my lips not being in the best shape over these last few weeks since starting my intensive course. If you picked any of the colours up and noticed the same thing, let me know.

I hope that those of you who were able to get Androgyny with this Christmas collection are enjoying your lipstick! I hope that those of you who are still looking to get it when it is rereleased don’t have too much FOMO (fear of missing out) over not getting Androgyny with the small amount of people who were able to pick this shade up.


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I hope that you’re having a lovely day!

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