Review: Jamberry Nail Wrap

Hey guys!

I was recently gifted a Jamberry nail wrap sample to try out. If you haven’t heard of Jamberry before, they are a company that make nail wraps in all sorts of patterns and styles. They are primarily available through sales consultants. I know that a lot of people have a lot of opinions about companies similar to Jamberry that have consultants who sell the products but I took the opportunity to try this product out because a pushy sales tactics doesn’t necessarily equal a bad product haha.



I was going to try to use the wrap on my bare nail, as is suggested but you can also use them over the top of nail polish, provided that it is completely dry. I thought with this style, it would look really awesome over a really nice shade of polish and I really wanted to try one of my new nail polishes that I picked up in the Priceline sale. This one is Essie’s Garden Variety and it is from their latest collection to hit Priceline.

The application process was really easy. All I had to do was size up the nail wrap to my nail and cut it so that it would fit the length of my nail. I then removed it from the plastic sheet and heat it up for a few seconds with my hairdryer on a low setting. I then pressed it on to my nail and smoothed it with a nail tool. I heat it up again while it was on my nail because I heard that that can help the adhesive to really bond to the nail.

So far, I’ve had the nail wrap on my nails for two full days and they’ve lasted perfectly. I’ve heard some stories of people’s nail wraps having flicked up at the ends and things like that after just one day of wear. Others have the wraps rip off into their hair. I haven’t experienced anything like that. The real test is to see if it lasts a full week, if so, I think that they would be well worth the price.

They have so many different designs and I just think that they would be really cool for special occasions. As I haven’t fully tested the product, I can’t yet say whether I would purchase them but I will update you guys next week on how this all went. I’d love to hear your experiences with them if you’ve bought from them or have tried out their products! So far, I am impressed with the product.


I hope that you’re all doing really well!

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