OOTD: Nico’s 21st

Hey guys!

Today’s post is about what I wore to my boyfriend’s family friend’s 21st! I’ll also talk a little bit about the night because it was a really fun night and I’m really glad that I was able to go.



I had no idea what to wear to this event. The dress code said Cocktail and I don’t know really what cocktail dress is so I needed my boyfriend’s help. We spent a good part of Friday night and Saturday looking for either parts to match the dress and shoes that I’d brought or a new outfit. I ended up just getting a new outfit because I was finding pieces that I wanted but they didn’t match my original vision. We went to Zara in Burnside Village because I hadn’t been there and I thought that I’d probably have a good chance of getting part of, if not my full outfit there. I picked up the Double Fabric Blazer in Navy and now that I have this, I want it in every colour because it is so flattering and comfortable.


I picked up the dress from Forever New because none of the dresses at Zara were quite right. I like the way the jacket and dress look together because its like structured and feminine at the same time but I’m no fashion blogger so I don’t really know much about fashion haha. I found the shoes at Kmart on sale and they matched the blazer pretty well. I was so excited because that was the kind of shoe that I’d been looking for and I got it for such a great price.


My bag and necklace is from Equip, they’re having sales because they’re closing a lot of locations. I usually don’t go to Equip because I prefer stores like Colette and Lovisa but they did have some nice stuff there for a really decent price.

I felt a little bit out of place at the party because the girls were all dressed up like they were going to a fancy club and their makeup was all perfect and I was just a little potato in the corner asking if there was any vegetarian food hahaha. I ate spring rolls and samosas all night because they were the only real vegetarian options. There were lots of cute photos and really nice speeches and I’m really glad that I got to go and have an excuse to dress up a bit.


I hope that you’re having a really fantastic day! On Friday, hopefully, I’ll be able to share with you guys my new Jeffree Star Lipsticks but we will have to pray to the AusPost gods that the package comes early so I can swatch everything haha.

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Au revoir xxx

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