Review: TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

Hey guys!

Today, I thought that I’d talk a bit about my new love for this product. I only purchased it on Monday but I’ve been using it non-stop since and I honestly want to put it all over my body because I’m so obsessed with it hahaha. I know that I’m late on this hype train and I’m a little annoyed with myself for not purchasing it earlier but anyway, here’s the review!



I have quite a few highlighters now but most of them are cream or liquid highlighters and my preferred type is powder. Being combination/oily skin, powders really are my friend especially seeing as where I do get dry is not my cheek bones.

This champagne highlight is literally #goals. It is so glowy. When I look for a highlight, I look for something that has no chunky glitter in it. I think the chunky glitter highlighters just emphasise pores and just make you look like a bit of a glitter bomb. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m a super glitter fan but not on the daily. This highlight gives so much light and life to the face. I feel like I’m glowing so much that I could be pregnant (don’t worry, mum. I’m not pregnant).


The texture of the product is really smooth and buttery. You don’t need to really rub your finger or brush in the product to get a lot of pigment because it is already there. It is much more pigmented than the highlight I regularly use so I kinda need to learn to tone it down a bit but I am loving the glow that I get from this. I feel like the Lord can see my highlight up in heaven and Lorde can see it all the way over in New Zealand, its that pigmented.


You can kinda see the glow here. I’ve been trying the Kim Thai highlighting technique and I’ve been noticing my face looks a lot more highlighted and gorgeous. I definitely recommend watching how she does it if you want your highlight to be ‘on fleek’. You can also use it as an inner corner highlight, brow highlight, cupid’s bow highlight, etc. EVERYWHERE HIGHLIGHT. YOU GLOW GURL.


I hope that you guys are all having a really lovely day!

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Au revoir xxx

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