Haul: LUSH Christmas Goodies!

Hey guys!

Today, I wanted to share with you all of the little Christmas goodies that I picked up from LUSH the other day! Nothing reminds me of Christmas like the Yog Nog and Reindeer Rock soaps from LUSH. If I don’t have a LUSH product getting me excited for Christmas, is Christmas really coming? No.
On that note, lets have a look at what I picked up!


Most of the goodies that I picked up are newer to me, which was extremely exciting.


The items that I picked up were:
1 x mini Snow Fairy Shower Gel
1 x Yog Nog Bath Bomb
1 x Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar
1 x Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
1 x Star Dust

I have never bought any bubble bars from LUSH before because I am generally drawn to the bath bomb area first, so I was pretty excited to pick up two to try.
I’ve also never heard of the Star Dust product and I’m still not too sure what it is (I’m guessing a bath bomb) because it doesn’t actually say on the sticker, it just says Star Dust. The smell of it is truly heavenly and reminds me of the movie Stardust and now I have to go watch it again *shakes fist*.
I totally don’t need more Snow Fairy shower gel but I wasn’t sure if I wanted Lord of Misrule or Rose Jam so I just went with an old favourite while I was in store.
Candy Mountain smells just like Snow Fairy or Reindeer Rock soap. I’m not too sure if it is in fact the same scent as one of them, I know that Snow Fairy and The Godmother soap is the same smell.
I was super duper excited to see Yog Nog again and to now see it in bath bomb form. I’ll try to save it but I know that it won’t last long because that scent is just irresistable. I’ll need to purchase a large soap before the Christmas stuff is all gone so that I can live in Christmas Town all year ❤


Have you picked up any of the LUSH Christmas items? Are there any that you’d recommend me picking up? What gets you into the spirit of Christmas?

I hope that you’re having a lovely day and I hope that if you’re coming up to exam period, you’re not too stressed!

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Au revoir xxx

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