Inglot Haul and Swatches

Hey guys!

I still had a few items from the Adelaide Hair and Makeup Show that I wanted to share with you so I thought that I’d do a single brand haul post of the stuff that I picked up at the Inglot stall. Inglot had a 30% off trade show discount on during the Adelaide Hair and Makeup Show, which was fantastic and it meant that I could grab a few things and my bank account didn’t cry too much haha.



I only picked up a few things, I was really uninspired when I was at the trade show and just didn’t know what I wanted or what I needed. I did know that I wanted a lip liner to replace my lost Essence – In the Nude liner. With the new packaging, I think that the colour has also changed because I don’t remember it being so peachy, which is super unflattering on my skin. So I knew I wanted to pick up a neutral lip liner, at least.


The two liners that I picked up were the Soft Precision Lipliner in 67 and 74. I really hate that Inglot don’t have actual names for their products because it makes the shades very forgettable but I guess that they just have so many products that it might be a bit of a nightmare to name them. However, if Inglot ever wanted their product shades named, I would be so down for that haha.


Here are the liners swatched, 74 is the medium pink liner and 67 is the nude pink shade. They are quite creamy and I am so excited to use them because I know that I’ll be using them alllll the time.


When I used to buy from Inglot regularly, I had three lipsticks and I hated every single one of them because I didn’t know what lipstick I liked. I know that that sounds so stupid but when you first get into makeup as a hobby, it can be confusing sometimes and with so many options, it can be hard to make decisions. In the beginning I bought a lilac lipstick (good so far) but it had an intense shimmer running through it and wasn’t pigmented because of that (why did I buy this omg). So, I never really knew what was good from Inglot because in my experience, all of the lipsticks that I owned were frosty and looked hideous on me.


I was very happy to see their range at the trade show and I had to pick up this gorgeous pink colour. It is a nice matte shade and I’m looking forward to wearing it because it is definitely a ‘me’ shade haha.


And lastly, I wanted to pick up at least one Inglot pigment. A friend of mine really loves them and I’d just seen a really great tutorial online featuring some Inglot pigments. I already own a lot from Shiro Cosmetics so I knew the colours that I didn’t need. I have always wanted to try out MAC Blue Brown pigment but you get so much product and I know I can get the same or similar shade for cheaper so I just never bought it.


I’m glad that I never bought it because this shade came into my life. It is definitely more green than blue but it still has a very similar effect on the eyes. It is so stunning and surprisingly wearable. It also reminds me of NARS Dual Intensity eyeshadow in Pasiphae, which I also want but the price tag kills me.


I’m so happy with this shade and I know that it will get a tonne of use because it is so beautiful and so wearable.


I’m really happy with everything that I picked up and I hope that you had fun reading about the shades and maybe this has given you a little bit of inspiration for what you might like to pick up from Inglot, if you haven’t tried anything from the brand.

I hope that you’re all having a fantastic day!

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Au revoir xxx

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