Saying Farewell to a Large Part of My Blogging Journey

Hey guys!

Today I am writing a rather sad post. I thought that it was something that you ought to know because it has been a large part of my blog for over a year now . For those who have come to my blog for these posts, I thought it would be good for you to know that you won’t be seeing these posts as frequently, if at all.


For just over a year, I’ve been a contact lens model for Adelaide Little Lens and you have been able to read review posts for different lenses, monthly. Even before being a lens model, I was a regular customer and I relied on the products for my cosplay, lolita and daily needs. Back when I was selected, they were already my favourite store to purchase lenses from because of their affordable prices and their location. It also felt really familiar to purchase from them because they were part of the cosplay scene here.

As of the end of last month, Adelaide Little Lens has now closed and it absolutely breaks my heart.

On a positive note, if you were interested in purchasing from them, you can still purchase the remaining in-stock lenses that they have and I believe that you can still use my discount ‘PastelSparkles’ but it will be until stock runs out.

So, you won’t be seeing a monthly lens review from me anymore. They will probably still be dotted here and there but I now have to do a bit of research into where to buy from. I was gifted three pairs from Adelaide Little Lens and if you’re interested in seeing those reviews, I am more than happy to review them for you guys because you can still purchase the lenses that were sold at Adelaide Little Lens, in other lens stores.

Here are the majority of the lens reviews that I did over the last year, you can click on the photos to go to the reviews.

Candy Violet 5      Sandra 1

XMM-204 6      IMG_7246

photo 4      image4

IMG_0289      image711328929_10153176713562530_1035845539_n








11536987_10153218219917530_581483553_n      11944652_10153364966317530_1468567393_n


I hope that you’re all having a fantastic time.
If you are interested in picking up any of the in-stock lenses, get in contact with Adelaide Little Lens here.

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Au revoir xxx

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