Glambot Haul!

Hey guys!

A few weeks ago I placed an order on Glambot after lusting over the products on the website for so long. I finally made an order and I thought that I’d share with you what I picked up!


So if you don’t know anything about Glambot, it is a website that resells makeup. The makeup on the website has been sent in by people who no longer have a need for the product and are looking to sell it. Glambot take the makeup, new or used, and it is santised by the team at Glambot and sold for a discounted price. Glambot tell you how much of the product is left and in what condition it is in. It is a great website and I can’t really imagine buying many high end items in store now that I’ve found this website.

Now on to the stuff that I ordered!


The items were packaged really well in a bubble wrap bag with large Glambot tape running around it. Each item had its own little bubble wrap bag too, you can’t say that they don’t make sure that your items are safe because I don’t know how much safer you could really make these items haha.


I purchased three items, NARS Semi Matte lipstick in Schiap, Urban Decay Primer Potion and a Guerlain mini kabuki brush because it was only $4.


Each of the items had a Glambot security seal on them that said that they had all been sanitised and if any were broken, they were opened after they had left their hands.


The item that I was most excited for was the NARS lipstick in Schiap. I have never owned a NARS lipstick and to finally own one is really exciting. The quality of the lipstick is really nice and it definitely feels a bit more luxurious than your regular lipstick.


The Urban Decay primer is my favourite eyeshadow primer. It is the only primer that I have tried that has actually worked on my eyelids! So I’m very excited that this came back into my life after two years haha.

Each of the items that I bought were new items. I bought the NARS Lipstick for $22 AUD, which is $18 difference from how much they cost in Australia at Mecca. The Urban Decay Primer Potion was about $20 AUD as well, which is about $10 cheaper. As I mentioned before, the Guerlain kabuki brush was $4 and I think it is one of those brushes that come in a product but I thought it was cute so I bought it. I think that if you spend over $90, international shipping is free and in the US, you only need to spend over $30 to get free shipping. So it is pretty easy to get free shipping. I was going to spend up to get the free shipping but then I thought that I’d better not because I’d like to be able to eat for the next few days before I’m paid (pretty important, I think) and because I had never bought from the company before and I was still sceptical even though I’d seen a few trustworthy people speaking about the company.

So I will definitely be buying more from Glambot in the future and I would definitely recommend it. You have to get in fast if you know that you want something though because items will be gone the next day sometimes and the item will be lost and there will be many tears. So avoid it buy being ready to spend when you go on there to have a look haha.


I hope that you are all having a really great day and I hope that you enjoy your weekend!

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Au revoir xxx

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