World Animal Day!

Hey guys!

For World Animal Day, I thought that I’d share the time that my brother, Josh, and I went to an animal shelter to help out and spend time with animals that are looking for a loving family. I haven’t mentioned it here before but last month I went Vegetarian after watching the documentary Earthlings. I had always wanted to watch it but I knew that it would be really traumatic so I avoided it, which was such a mistake. But since watching, I decided that I wanted to do a little bit more for animal shelters that look after abandoned animals. And for World Animal Day, what could be better than talking about a positive experience with an animal shelter. I had a great time and I’d encourage you all to go to an animal shelter and help them out if you have free time because it helps them out a lot and it will make you feel really good for spending your time doing something really positive!



The animal shelter that I wanted to visit was the Paws and Claws Adoption Centre located on Magill Rd, Stepney. It is really easy to get to and they are a no-kill shelter so I really wanted to support them.

There were lots of cute cats to play with but there were only two dogs and neither of them were able to be walked by those who didn’t work there because they were both special-needs dogs. That was a little bit disappointing but it was good being able to spend time with the cats. I have never owned a cat so I wasn’t too sure how to act around them. I find that dogs are so easy because they seek affection more often than cats, who are more independent.

The first room that we went into was the kitten room. In this room there was a newly rescued mother and child and they were adorable. We were told that we could open the cage to cuddle them but not to let them run around too much.

12016532_10153421923702530_1027717662_n 12016628_10153421923662530_344786741_n

The mother cat, on the left, ran out of the cage and hit underneath the couch for a good 20 minutes and Josh and I were so worried. She was so cute and she seemed so friendly when we got close to the cage but she really just wanted out haha. Rude.


After we finally got her out from under the couch, we were able to play with her a bit and put her back into the cage with her child. Then we moved on to the main room with the other cats that had been there for a little while longer.

12023035_10153421923752530_116506921_n 12047780_10153421923762530_22070819_n

Most of the cats in the main room were sleeping but they did enjoy being played with.

The first cat that we interacted with was very shy. When we first went into the main room, it was hiding under some pillow cushions and it was still there when we came back. It came out to see us when we sat down on the couch beside it.

12047274_10153421923787530_175504949_n 12047538_10153421923807530_1859199004_n

After we played with it for a little while, it ran off into a little house and stayed there until we left haha.


This beige cat really liked Josh and let him pat her lots. She was really gorgeous. She looked so grumpy when I tried to pat her but I think this breed just has some serious resting bitch face haha.

12028946_10153421923872530_2000113830_n 12048762_10153421923917530_1031129354_n

I played with this cat a little bit but I think that it just wanted to sleep so I left it alone. It was so cute though.

12047590_10153421923972530_1042801414_n 12048731_10153421924007530_1387663016_n

I played a lot with a cat called Tabitha. She was really cute and she kept leaning on me. She tried to play with the cat that I showed previously but it was having none of it haha.


Then Tabitha ran and climbed up the netting and sat on the roof of the netted section like the queen that she is.

12007325_10153421924122530_335924053_n 12048888_10153421924242530_756178016_n

I had a really great day with my brother and I’m glad that I got to spend time with some really cute cats. I’d definitely recommend visiting Paws and Claws Adoption Centre because they always need help.


I hope that you’re all having a great day!

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Au revoir xxx

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