Liptember Week 4!

Hey Guys!

Welcome to the last Liptember post! I can’t believe how quickly the month has whizzed by and how I have worn 30 different lip colours without a day off. I think a little pat on the back is deserved here haha. My little makeup heart is aching to wear nudes again and after today, I will be glad to go back to not having any makeup restrictions. As always, if you aren’t sure what Liptember is all about, you can learn more about Liptember here and you can donate here!


Day 22 – Australis Velourlips – MUM-BAI


Day 23 – NYX Butter Lipstick – Hunk


Day 24 – Shanghai Suzy – Miss Ally AMETHYST (Purchase Here)


Day 25 – Maybelline Vivid – Fuchsia Flash


Day 26 – L’Oreal – Cocorico


Day 27 – Runway Room – The Governor


Day 28 – Shanghai Suzy – Miss Victorine (Purchase Here)


Day 29 – NARS – Schiap


Day 30 – Bite Beauty – Bramble


Overall, I think that Liptember went pretty well. I think that I was able to talk to quite a few people about mental health, more than usual and I think that by doing something for so long, it shows people that it is important and it is worth paying attention to. I would have loved to have had more opportunities to wear more blue lipsticks and greens, but with my 2 year anniversary, numerous university oral presentations and the Hair and Makeup Trade Show, I didn’t feel like all situations allowed for those kind of colours. I also bought a tonne of nude or neutral lipsticks during September, which made it really hard for me to continue the challenge because I kept wanting to wear my new colours. Ultimately, wearing bright lipstick might not help bring awareness to mental health, but being involved in a challenge and actively talking about it has helped make it as successful as it has been. I was able to raise almost $150 and there is still time to donate to me on my challenge now that it has been completed.


I hope that you’ve all enjoyed my Liptember posts. I would really like to do it again next year and I’m sure I could do it better next year with more lip colours and better planning haha. If you would still like to donate to my challenge, you can do so here.

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Au revoir xxx

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