Adelaide Hair and Makeup Trade Show 2015!

Hey guys!

On the weekend, I was able to attend the Adelaide Hair and Makeup Trade show run by Kohl and Capri. This was the first makeup convention that I have ever been to, so it was quite interesting for me to get a taste of what they might be like. The event was held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th of September.


Caitlan and I got to the convention a little after it opened at 8am. We were worried that it might be busy and we wouldn’t have time to get in line to see Chloe Morello, we had bought a membership just so that we could meet her at the convention. It was pretty quiet at 8am so we got to walk around and see every single shop and what they had to offer before we started buying things. One of the first things that we did was go to collect our member’s lanyard. We needed it to meet Chloe Morello later on in the day so we decided to get that done early. We got a goodie bag that had lots of different things in it but I didn’t really get to look at it until we had had lunch.


I stupidly didn’t take many photos on the day so I will be using some of my own photos as well as others that I was able to find. This photo is from a beauty convention in Sydney but the Inglot stall looks exactly the same as the one that we had here. Even some of the Adelaide staff are in this picture which is really cool haha.

The Inglot store was pretty quiet at the start and we really should have taken this opportunity to touch the stuff that we wanted to touch and record what we might want to purchase but we didn’t because I wanted to see all of the stores and I was quite familiar with Inglot products. If I could have done the day over again, I’d have probably gone here first and spent time here touching everything new or things that I’d have never thought to buy from Inglot back in the day when I was regularly buying it. Inglot had a 30% off show special on which was fantastic because Inglot products are already really reasonably priced so this made the prices even better.


Crown Brushes was another big store near the entrance of the convention. I was not familiar with Crown Brushes prior to attending the convention. I’d seen it advertised along with the trade show advertisements but I’d not heard much about it via YouTube or WordPress, so I was really out of the loop with the brand. They had a very large range of brushes and I was very excited to try some. Most of the brushes felt really soft and they were all decently priced.


Runway Room was another brand that we spoke to really early in the morning and they let us try out their Lip Prep, which primes and has exfoliating properties and smells like sweet mint. We put it on over our lipstick and I was so worried that it would make my lipstick separate but it didn’t! They also had some really gorgeous lipsticks there with cute names. Kara was really sweet and I’m really happy that we got to talk to this brand early so that we could come back and support a brand that was really worth knowing about!


My babies Rouche Boutique were at the trade show as well with a large range of Hot Makeup items, as well as Shanghai Suzy and Milani products. There was also a clearance bin that was super popular! Rouche Boutique had everything discounted and it made trying out certain brands really affordable and I wish that I’d bought more here but I can always buy it online. I would have liked to have seen the Jeffree Star Lipsticks at this stall too but that’s alright. I know that I probably would have bought every shade of them that I’m missing, had they been stocked here for the convention haha. I was also super shy meeting them in person. I’m so embarrassed about it because I love them so much. You know when you’re just so excited to meet someone and then you actually go to meet them and you get really nervous? Yeah, that was me.

We also got to talked to Make-up Studio a lot. We were shown a lot of products and I was very overwhelmed because all of the products were gorgeous, specifically the Super Frost Eyeshadows. The shade Red Glow was calling my name and I am totally going to get it soon. I’ll talk a bit more about this brand later because something exciting happened with the brand later on.


At around 10:15am, people started lining up at Stage 1 to meet Chloe Morello at 10:30, which was a members only event, so Caitlan and I got into the line and we made sure that everything looked on point because we needed to look perfect if we stood a chance looking good next to Chloe. The Q and A was hosted by Lucy Cornes, the wife of Port Adelaide footballer Kane Cornes. There were around 50 people in the Q and A with Chloe so it was a small group of people and we were all very quite. I am always super unprepared for Q and As, I can’t even think of anything to say when YouTubers post that they’re doing a Q and A on their channel. The best questions I can think of are those ‘would you prefer’ questions and that didn’t seem appropriate haha.
The best part of the whole thing was that Caitlan and I got to sit in the middle at the front of the audience area and when Chloe came down to take pictures with people and meet everyone, we got to talk to her whenever she was transitioning between guests. We really got the best deal out of the whole thing. Chloe was the most friendly person I’ve met. She was really bubbly and genuinely wanted to talk to people. She would even have to stop herself talking when people were taking photos with her because she was just having such a good time talking with everyone. I’m really glad that I paid to see her because it was definitely the highlight of the whole show.

After the Q and A with Chloe, we met up with my boyfriend and we had lunch at Zambrero and got to look at all of the stuff that we got in the member’s goodie bag. During lunch, we planned out how we would like to spend the rest of the day at the convention. It was a small space so we had seen everything but we wanted to make sure that we hadn’t missed out on doing anything that we really wanted to do.


When we came back inside, we went back to the Make-up Studio stall and entered a competition where we had to take a photo and post it on to instagram for a chance to win $500 of makeup from their store. Caitlan and I were entering a tonne of competitions throughout the convention so we thought, ‘why not?’.The picture above was my entry for the competition. It was cute and I’m glad that we chose to enter because I actually won the competition! I am so excited! Now I get to try out a tonne of products from this brand so I hope that you’re all excited to see some stuff from this brand because you won’t be able to escape it! (Unless of course you choose to not read my posts).


Now for my haul! We went back to Runway Room and we purchased three lipsticks each. I purchased The Librarian, The Governor, and The Duchess. I think that they’re all really beautiful and I wore the Governor on Sunday and it stained my lips and I didn’t have to reapply it once! It has phenomenal staying power and the lipsticks aren’t even matte!

We also went back to Inglot and the crowds were pretty insane. I was getting a bit panicky but I knew I wanted to get a pigment, at least, so I knew I had to stay calm and push through it because the 30% off was too good a deal to miss. I picked up 4 products from Inglot, two lip liners, one pigment and one lipstick.

I also bought a Milani Blush from Rouche Boutique and I’m glad that I bought it before lunch because when we went back to look at Rouche after lunch, almost all of the Milani Blushes were sold out!

The other items were freebies in my member goodie bag. I will be doing reviews on most of the things that I got at the convention and of course, I’ll be doing a review on whatever I get from Make-up Studio with my prize money! I feel so lucky to have won and I can’t thank Caitlan enough for getting me to enter. Some of that money is rightfully hers!


I hope that you enjoyed reading about my day at the Adelaide Hair and Makeup Trade show! I know that there will be one next year and they’re looking to make it even bigger than this year’s so I’m super excited and I can’t wait to see what else Kohl and Capri have to offer throughout the year! I hope that you’re all having a fantastic day!

Make sure that you’ve checked out my giveaway post! I’d love for everyone to enter!

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