200 Follower Giveaway!!!

Hey Guys!

I’m so excited to announce that this week I hit 200 Followers! I honestly cannot believe that that many people want to actively read my blog posts! My boyfriend always made me think of the amount of followers that I have like students in a classroom. If there were 25 students (followers) in a class, I’d be teaching 8 classes. That’s pretty crazy haha. I cannot thank you all enough for the love and support that you’ve all shown me so I thought that as a little thank you, I would hold a give-away!


The give-away is being held on my instagram. If you do not have an instagram account, please message me and I will sort something out 🙂
Also, anyone following me via WordPress or Bloglovin‘ will receive a bonus entry because this giveaway is really to say thank you to my blog followers.

Pastelsparkles Giveaway


I am giving away one M.A.C lipstick of your choice. You can pick any shade but it must be a permanent shade because I cannot guarantee that I can purchase a limited edition shade. I am also limiting this to their regular lipstick line, including the Viva Glam lipsticks.


  1. Must be following me via instagram (message me, if this is not a possibility)
  2. Must repost the above image with the hashtag #Pastelsparklesgiveaway
  3. One instagram entry per person, extra reposts will not better your chance at winning.
  4. It shouldn’t be a problem on WordPress, I don’t think, but there are no give-away accounts allowed, I will disqualify any give-away accounts.
  5. An additional entry will be rewarded to those who follow this blog via wordpress or bloglovin‘, this giveaway is, after all, for my followers.
  6. An additional entry will be rewarded to those who follow me via facebook.
  7. This giveaway is international!

If you participate in an additional entry, please comment on this post and let me know! To claim the additional entries, you must do the two mandatory mentioned in rule 1 and 2, unless otherwise stated.

This giveaway will start from 9AM Australian Central Standard Time (when this is posted) and run until 9PM Australian Central Standard Time on October the 8th, 2015.


I hope that you’re all having a fantastic day !

If you want to keep updated, you can:

Like my Facebook page

Follow me on instagram

or follow this blog! 🙂

Au revoir xxx

7 thoughts on “200 Follower Giveaway!!!

  1. Hello, darling! I followed you on IG and FB, and of course posted the giveaway photo. ^^

    And congratulations!!!! 200 is a lot. ^^ Keep on posting your loveliness, I especially love your lippie posts! ♡


  2. Congrats for the milestone!!
    I’ve entered on Instagram(silviabiaaivlis) and I also follow you on Bloglovin’ (Sílvia Ferreira) and FB (Sílvia Ferreira Carvalho)


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