Liptember Week 1!

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share my first week of Liptember lip colour choices! I also want to talk about my experiences and how successful this challenge has been. If you don’t know about Liptember, you can read about it here, and if you do and you would like to support, you can do that here! On to the lip colours!


Day 1 – JEFFREE STAR – BLUE VELVET (Purchase here)


Day 2 – Australis Velourlips – TOK-I-O


Day 3 – Australis Velourlips – NY-CEE


Day 4 – JEFFREE STAR – BLUE VELVET (Purchase here)


Day 5 – Australis Velourlips – MAL-I-BOO


Day 6 – Shanghai Suzy – Miss Ally AMETHYST (Purchase here)


Day 7 – MAC – Russian Red


I got to talk quite a lot about mental health this week. I spoke about it a lot with family, which is awesome! I got a tonne of compliments on my lip colours, even people on the bus stopped me to tell me that they were loving my lipstick. I absolutely LOVE the Jeffree Star lipsticks! I had to wear it twice in the week! I will have a review post with swatches and comparisons up very soon!

Remember that if you would like to donate, you can do so here!


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Au revoir xxx

3 thoughts on “Liptember Week 1!

    • They’re really comfortable! It’s a similar feeling to the Bourjois liquid matte lip things that they did two or so years ago, if you’re familiar with them.

      I find talking about my own struggles really difficult, unless I’m talking to my boyfriend. But talking about mental health on general has been fairly challenge-free for me, thank goodness haha x

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