Review: Oh Deer Sugar Bath Bomb Crumble

Hey guys!

Welcome to the last weekly Oh Deer Sugar review! I’m sure I’ll review more of their products in the future but this is the last of what I purchased from my initial visit. Since then, they’ve made so many products that I’ve been drooling over so don’t worry, you’ll be hearing about them soon! Today’s review is on the Bath Bomb Crumble and I’m excited to talk about it. Also, apologies for the lighting in all of these photos, my bathroom has an awful yellow light, which makes for poor quality photos but hopefully you’ll still get an idea from the pictures that I was able to take.



The Bath Bomb Crumble scent that I purchased was the Blueberry Cheesecake Slice scent and it smells just as the name suggests.


Like everything at Oh Deer Sugar, this is another cruelty-free vegan product. The instructions say just to drop the product into the water but once again, I found myself not knowing how much to put into my bath. I put half the jar in and I think that that’s plenty. You get a nice smelling bath with pretty blue water. The only improvement I’d make on this is that I wish that it had little micro sparkles in it. But I know that that’s not to everyone’s taste. I like my sweet smelling, galaxy baths haha.


The colours in the jar are so gorgeous. I love the look of the product both in the jar and in my bath. It is a really nice decoration right up until you use it.


Overall, I would recommend this product. They sell both solid bath bombs and jar bath bombs, so you’ll be able to pick whichever kind you’d prefer. I believe that every jar scent has a solid bath bomb sister scent as well but I may be wrong. I will probably try out another one of these soon but in the solid form and I know I’m just going to have the best bath time haha.


I hope that you are all having a fantastic day!

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Au revoir xxx

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