Review: Oh Deer Sugar Macaron Bubble Bars

Hey guys!

Today I’m coming at you with my weekly Oh Deer Sugar product review. Today’s product is the Macaron Bubble Bars and the one that I tried was the Passionfruit flavour! I have never used a solid bubble bath product before so I was very excited to try it out and talk about it.



Here is the packaging of the Macarons. They look just like how real macarons would be packaged. When you buy the macarons online, you have to purchase three at a time, you can’t purchase them individually and I think that this is the same within the store.


The flavours that I bought were Watermelon, Chai and Passionfruit. I was mainly drawn to this package because I wanted the Chai flavoured macaron and I would have trialed that one first but I wanted to save the best for last haha.



Here are the ingredients and how to use the bubble bars. The only thing is, I didn’t know how much of the bubble bar to use. On the day I did this, I couldn’t decide which product I wanted to use because I didn’t know how much of it to put into my bath but I just used the whole thing. If I should have used half, please let me know! Although, using a whole one worked fine for me and there were lots and lots of bubbles 🙂


Here’s the macaron on its own. I even took a little video on snapchat of me holding it under the water and you can really see just how much it bubbles!


There were so many bubbles after the macaron had completely dissolved into the water! I think that it worked really well! Here’s a classic hotdogs or legs shot for you~


From memory, the price of the macaron package was very reasonable for how many you get and clearly the product works really well. The scent and the bubbles lasted a long time too.


I would definitely recommend this product from Oh Deer Sugar. I think that it would be the perfect little gift for a friend or even a little gift to yourself for being so awesome. I also love that the macaron packages come with different variations of the macarons so you don’t have to have a flavour that you might not enjoy, although I doubt you’d hate any of the flavours available!



I hope that you guys are having a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Oh Deer Sugar Macaron Bubble Bars

  1. This review made me so happy! I love hearing about brands besides lush that offer bubble bars/bath bombs & rolls etc. Just to have some more stuff to try and more variety! 💖 thanks for sharing you have such a great blog i love looking through it 😋

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