LUSH Marion Event~

On Friday the 14th of August, I was lucky enough to be invited to a LUSH event that took place at the new LUSH Marion store! I’m so happy that Adelaide got a second store because it was always hard to get into the city store because too many people love LUSH! And for good reason! This year also marks the 20th Anniversary of LUSH, which is really exciting and made the event feel like a birthday party for the company! Be aware that this post is probably going to be long because I have a lot of information to talk about and I am very excited and enthusiastic about LUSH haha. Commençons!


Before I talk about the event itself, I’d just quickly like to talk about the store, for those who haven’t seen the Marion location.


The Marion store, I think, is smaller than the city store in size but it actually feels more spacious because it has a large ceiling and the Marion store really makes the most of the wall space that they have. I also love the little Makeup, perfume and toothy tab section that they have because it looks like a little vegetarian beauty heaven haha. It even has a little #selfie sticker in the corner.


At this event, there were three activities that we could do and then from there we could just talk to any of the staff and get the most of being at the shop and having a really personalised experience. The first activity that I took part in was the Charity Pot presentation and Knot Bag demonstration!

This activity was run by Josh and he talked about Charity Pot and what it is all about. Charity Pot is a hand and body lotion that you can purchase from LUSH and all of the money goes to funding a grassroots causes. Some of the current causes that this year’s charity money will go to are the Oceania Project, West Welcome Wagon, World Events to End Animal Cruelty, Conservation Volunteers, Lock the Gate Alliance and Team Vista. Since the launch of Charity Pot, $12,000,000 has been raised and spread to grassroot causes around the world. I think that the Charity Pot is a really great way to give money to worthwhile causes and also get an amazing product back for your charity.


Then there were Knot Bags haha. I love Knot Bags because they are ethically sourced and there are so many uses for them after getting them with your LUSH purchase. You can use them as a scarf, display them about the house, cute ways to spice up an outfit, you can even use them again to wrap up a present for someone else! They are just so cute and it saves money on wrapping paper or bags and it saves the planet from unnecessary landfill! What more could you want? Josh and the Marion Store Manager taught us how to wrap the Knot Bags. They use the Japanese cloth folding technique called Furoshiki and it is really beautiful! I took a little video of two designs that we were taught. Not going to lie, I would have forgotten how to do them had I not recorded it. #MemoryLikeASieve


Next activity was the massage bar station hosted by Casey! Casey was the sweetest ever and she has a great taste in lip products (mutual Australis Velourlip lover). There were a number of massage bars to try and each of us got one of them to see how they worked. I’d never used a massage bar before because the thought of having oily, greasy hands sometimes frightens me but I actually think that the massage bars are pretty amazing. They heat up with the warmth of your hand and get very oily.


Coming from the Charity Pot station where I just got all lotioned up, this double moisture situation proved too much for my desert hands and I needed to be brought back down from the LUSH hand bath I was having, with some Dusting Powder! We tried out Vanilla Puff, which smelt amazing. LUSH actually make some powder deodorants too, which I’ve heard some pretty good reviews on! Probably worth checking out on my next trip!


Next station was the Angels on Bare Skin station that was run by Akira! Akira was so helpful, I couldn’t speak more highly of her. She had made a batch of the Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser that we all got to take home with us. She talked to us about the different ingredients and what they are used for. For example, they use almonds as a natural exfoliator, lavender, rose absolute and chamomile blue oil to even out skin tone and improve the texture of the skin. Akira had such a great knowledge of everything that the different cleansers did and told us the ingredients that were used and for what purpose.


She also told us which cleanser she would recommend for us based on our skin situations and I think that Angels on Bare Skin would be perfect for my combination skin. I think it is their top selling cleanser because it is so well suited to everyone’s skin. Because Akira was our last stop, she was able to spend more time with us and really teach us about different products in the store. She talked to us about some of the masks and I talked about a few that I’ve tried, if you’d like, you can read my reviews for Cupcake and Cosmetic Warrior.


After we talked about skin, we started talking about hair care and I think this is probably my biggest problem area and probably causes me the most grief out of all of my beauty issues. I have really dry and frizzy hair and nothing really seems to work on it. I’ve spent a lot of money trying to sort out my hair with oils and different shampoos and conditioners but they never seem to do anything to my hair.


So, Akira gave Procrasticaitlan and I a hair consultation and helped us to pick out our hair care routine. I wanted my hair to be less frizzy and feel more nourished. I also wanted my hair to be less dependant on hair washing every two-three days. Because LUSH uses mostly natural ingredients, the shampoos and conditioners don’t make your hair dependant on being washed quickly, which saves money, saves water and saves your hair.


For my hair care routine, Akira recommended that I use Jasmine & Henna Fluff-Eaze treatment as my before hair washing treatment. Akira taught us that it is best to use a hair treatment before the hair washing process because it gives you the best results. This treatment is intended for those with frizzy hair because the treatment adds weight to the hair to keep it from flying away or looking like a bird’s nest, which is my daily struggle. Akira also recommended that I use Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo because it is a protein-rich shampoo that also helps to tame frizz and flyaways. And finally, Akira recommended that I use Retread conditioner because it is a heavy conditioner that also adds weight to the hair to help with frizz. I learnt so much and I am so grateful to finally know a routine that can really help me to achieve the hair of my dreams~
If you have similar issues, you may like to try out this routine too!


After we had completed all of the activities, we were invited to pick an item of our choice to add to our goodie bag and we could also purchase things that we wanted, so I picked up two of the products in my hair care routine. There was also a tonne of stuff in the goodie bags! I feel so lucky to have been able to go to this event and learn so much about the company. It has made me love the company so much more and I definitely want to support them even more than before.


Here is what I picked up at the event! I received Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo, a sample of Charity Pot, Angels on Bare Skin cleanser, Dream Cream (great for people with Eczema), and American Cream conditioner. I also picked up the Jasmine & Henna Fluff-Eaze hair treatment!

It was such a fantastic night and I am so happy to have had this opportunity thanks to having this blog. I hope that I’ll be able to go to more events in the future!

I hope that you are all having a fantastic day!

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Au revoir xxx

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