Review: Oh Deer Sugar Watermelon and Lime Soap!

Hey guys!

As the title suggests, I will be talking about the Oh Deer Sugar soap that I picked up last Friday when I visited the store! I hope that these reviews might help you decide what you might spend your money on in store because I know it is pretty overwhelming in there because they just have so many pretty goodies!


I picked this soap up originally because I thought that it had the best smell out of all of the other soaps. To me, it smells like bubblegum, like hubba bubba, which brings me right back to my childhood. This product comes in two sizes, one individual block and one family size block that they recommend that you break down into smaller blocks to use.


The packaging looks just like a little chocolate bar. I was half expecting to find a little Golden Ticket inside. The bar is a mixture of Princess Aurora’s Pink and Blue princess dress. You all remember this, right?


You can also see little black beads in it that exfoliate your skin! It is a pretty neat little soap on first impression.

FullSizeRender (1)

When I actually used it, I notices that it did lather up a bit on my skin and I noticed the little exfoliating beads working their magic but I also noticed that the bar was disappearing a lot faster than normal soaps. I remember saying to my friends that I think that this will probably last me a week and now that I’ve used it twice, I think it might be under a week because I only have half of it left and I use a normal amount of soap for my average sized body.

That’s probably the biggest negative that I have with this soap, I just wish that it lasted. Because of this, I probably don’t rate it too highly, you can get nice smelling soaps from Lush too, that are vegan and cruelty free that are at a similar price and they last AGES. A real plus that this has though is that it doesn’t have any glitter in it or anything like that that Lush like to put into all of their products. I love glitter as much as the next person but I feel like it dries out my skin and I definitely don’t need my soap making my skin worse.

For novelty, I think this would be a cute purchase. Or maybe even as a cute little gift to someone, to treat themselves. But for a soap that you could use regularly that could replace other soaps, I’d recommend picking something else up. It looks so cute and smells amazing but it doesn’t really hold up in the soap game haha.


I hope that you’re all having a great day!

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Au revoir xxx

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