Oh Deer Sugar New Store Opening!

Today I’m going to be talking about the Oh Deer Sugar Opening that I went to. I had such a good time and I picked up so much stuff. On the Wednesday before, I won a competition to get a $40 gift card, so I could really get a lot of things and get a good feel for the products 🙂 Each Wednesday I will be posting a review of one of the products that I bought this trip to the shop and then whatever else I buy. pink-divider-no-background-md Last Friday, Caitlan, Zoe and I went to the new Oh Deer Sugar shop in Regent Arcade. I believe that the new shop came here with Renew Adelaide, with a few other stores in Regent Arcade but I’m not too sure about any of that. All I know is that there’s a new shop and I’m happy about it. Oh Deer Sugar is a Vegan, Cruelty Free, Non-Edible Bakery that is FILLED with gorgeous, sweet smelling bath treats. 11855397_10153323625272530_68559722_n

I was so overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start looking! There were tonnes of gorgeous scrubs and I basically wanted them all. Of course, I wanted the Chai flavoured one but I wanted to look around more before I started picking stuff up.


Next were the cookies and ‘ugly’ macarons. These were so cute and they were pretty cheap too. I will probably pick some of these up next time. One of them smelled like those coconut slice things and I was so excited hahaha.


Next up were the cupcakes. I pretty much wanted one of these just for a photo. Yeah, I’m that guy. I want to try these too next time I’m in the store, they looked so good.


Next was my favourite table. This table was filled with bath bombs in jars and dissolved bath bombs in the glass jars so you could get an idea of what they would look like and smell like. There were also boxes of ‘cake slices’ that I thiiiiiink were bath bombs or bubble bars or something similar haha. These were gorgeous and I was just in heaven.


And then there were soaps. There were four different flavours of soaps and they all smelt delicious. I picked up the watermelon and lime soap and it smells amazing. It smells like a watermelon lollipop or bubble-gum.


Over on the left wall there were bath bombs and bath bomb jars with gorgeous scents. I picked up the blueberry cheesecake bath bomb jar and I also want to pick up the mint donut flavour bath bomb. I loved all of the smells.


There were also cute macaron packs I picked one of these up because these just looked soooooo cute. I couldn’t deal with it.


There were even trays for you to carry your ‘baked goods’. We were holding so many different products.


So here is everything that I picked up. I only had to pay a few dollars for all of this which was pretty awesome. The prices are comparable to LUSH prices, which is pretty cool for just a little company. I’m very excited to see this brand get more exposure now that it has a store in Adelaide.



I hope that you are all having a wonderful day!
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Au revoir xxx

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