NYX FACE Awards: Mermaids Mermen

Hey guys!

I’m a little late with this post, I didn’t have a whole lot of time in the break to do much as far as ‘creative’ makeup goes so I wasn’t able to get this up on time but I have it here now and I hope that you enjoy!


So the theme of this challenge was Mermaids and Mermen and I did think about possibly doing a merman makeup look but then I had some other ideas and yeah. I actually was set on doing something completely different to what I ended up with! Today, I will be sharing with you my Futuristic – Galaxy Mermaid.


When I originally thought about it, I wanted to do a galaxy pattern on my forehead or around my eyes like a bit of a mask and incorporate bubble stars around my head but then I kinda felt like it had been done before so I thought, what about a mermaid from the future, a world where technology has really taken over and I thought it would be cool to do something natural in an unnatural setting. Well as natural as a mermaid can be, anyway. I don’t know if this is a totally original idea, I’m sure someone has thought about it before. I was heavily inspired by the Monster High doll Elle Eedee. She’s a robot and she’s going to be in the new Boo York Boo York movie and she’s definitely my favourite of the new dolls. I was even considering drawing on her little power button that sits between her eyebrows but I didn’t want to make a robot mermaid look so I stayed away from that.


So for the eyes, I went a little bit out of my comfort zone but still not very far. Honestly, I’d really like to do something really really wild but I get so nervous that I’ll just destroy what I’ve created so I don’t stray too far out of what I know that I’m capable of. I did a sort of halo eye look. I’m still not too certain about what qualifies as a halo eye but you’ll know when you see it. I just kept building shadows on top of each other, starting with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, a few Inglot eyeshadows and Ice Queen from Makeup Geek.


I still added dots that are meant to represent stars in my dark purple eyeshadow. I wanted a little galaxy flavour haha. And a line of white liner that runs from my water line out to a wing for the ‘Milky Way’ haha. In the centre of my lid I used NYX roll on shimmer in Platinum to make my eyelids pop and sparkle. I also used it on my inner corner, there was so much glitter going on. In the future, glitter will always be on trend.


It doesn’t show up much in the photos but I do have some purple side burns because I tried to contour with purple and it basically looked like a line of zinc had been drawn on my face and I couldn’t blend it out for the life of me but it didn’t really hinder any photos so I suppose it wasn’t a total failure.


I think that in this world, humans know about the mermaids because it’s hard to hide anything with people recording everything that they see and documenting life with such ease. With the world forever changing and creatures forever adapting, merfolk can now switch between their fishy tail and a nice set of legs so that they can live in either environment. You wouldn’t be able to tell who’s a merperson either because everyone has gone all Capitol and everyone wears crazy makeup and dresses up because everyone is creative and likes to express themselves.


I hope that you enjoyed this post and hopefully with the next challenge, I can really push myself to be as creative as possible. I hope that you have a fantastic day!


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Au revoir xxx

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