Two-Bit Villains New Restaurant!

Two-Bit Villains has been near the top of my list of best restaurants in Adelaide for the last couple of years and last Friday, they moved across Adelaide Arcade and into a new store that is much bigger than their original. I was so thrilled that they were moving to bigger and better things and today I got to visit the new store for the first time and check out their new menu!


The restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant with vegan and gluten free options available for most meals. They are especially well known for their range of homemade sodas, which are and have always been awesome!

Here’s the view of the restaurant from the doorway. It looks about triple the size of the original and I think that the kitchen is significantly bigger than the original. They still have the same straw fence up on the walls like in the old restaurant with pictures hanging from it.


I love the old room that the restaurant has taken over. The ceiling is beautiful and the columns are so cool. This is the perfect space and the restaurant seems much more professional in this new space rather than a cute little diner. However, the place still feels really inviting and the staff are still as friendly as ever.


Frankie and I bought two sodas, blackberry and chai. The chai flavoured soda tasted just like their apple pie soda so I was pretty thrilled!


For lunch, Frankie and I both tried one of their new burgers. We both got the Long Arm of the Slaw Burger, which had spice rubbed ‘pulled pork’ and crisp apple slaw. I loved it and I think that it fits nicely with the original menu. However, I am missing the old baskets that the burgers and hot dogs used to come in.IMG_3078

I’m so happy that they have been able to move into this new store and allow for more guests to eat their food and enjoy the atmosphere. I can’t wait to come back! I’m gonna make my way through all of the new menu items haha.



I hope that you are having a lovely day!

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Au revoir xxx

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