Disney Week: Mike Wazowski Nails

Today is the last day of Disney Week! I’m really sad because this has been such a fun challenge for me. It was a bit harder because this fell right into my exam time but that’s okay. I think I managed alright. Today is also the anniversary of the premiere of Monsters University!

I loved this movie when it came out, this movie and Toy Story 3 were great ways to celebrate two movies that we grew up with and I think that there were more adults than there were kids in the cinema when I went to go see it. For the last day of Disney week, I decided to do nail art inspired by Mike Wazowski. It definitely wasn’t my best nail art ever but I thought that I’d share it anyway because it was still really fun to do.



I did them pretty late at night and the thumb nail got a bit squished so that’s another reason I was a bit unhappy about how they turned out but yeah.

So I used a base coat and then applied Kelp Yourself from Sally Hanson. I love this shade and it was the closest shade that I had to Mike’s skin colour. Then I used a dotting tool to add the big white dot for Mike’s eyeball. I used White On by Sally Hansen for this step. Next I needed a darker green for his iris, so I used Wicked Witch of the West by Face of Australia on a smaller dotting tool. Then I needed a black for his pupil, so I used Midnight in NY by Sally Hansen. I wanted to make Mike’s eye really look like an eye, so I added a little highlight with the white polish and I think that it made it look much better. Then because Mike isn’t fully round, I wanted to make it look like he had horns on his head so I used Cafe Au Lait by Sally Hansen, to make it look like my natural nail colour again.

It’s not perfect but I had fun trying to make this work haha. Next time, I’d like to try doing this with just one Mike nail and the rest are just green nails!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this series and I hope that you’re having a wonderful day!

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Au revoir xxx

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