Disney Week: Esmeralda Disneybound

Tomorrow is the anniversary of The Hunchback of Notre Dame!! This movie has such a special place in my heart, I love it so much. I love Quasimodo’s voice actor (even if my boyfriend says the voice doesn’t suit) and I love Esmeralda because she’s such an awesome character. However, my favourite part of the movie is Heaven’s Light/Hellfire. This song is the best Disney song that there is in the history of ever. Throw away your Be Prepareds, put away your Poor Unfortunate Souls and pick up Hellfire. But not literally, you don’t wanna be doin that. Hellfire is the most disgustingly well written villain song and I just love it. I could listen to it every day. But enough of that, here is my Esmeralda Disneybound!

I was planning some really elaborate Disneybound that probably more closely resembled her actual costume but then I did a little bit of research and realised I owned clothes that were in her colour scheme! The only things that I actually had to purchase was the scarf to use as a headband and a pair of earrings. I bought this scarf at Kmart for $3. I found some hoop earrings with coins hanging from them and they reminded me of the coins on her skirt so I thought that they were perfect. I bought them from Kmart for $3.50 on sale from $14!
I didn’t realise how well I hid my moon of a face in my selfies but in these photos I realised how big my face is haha. Esmeralda has quite an oval shaped face. She is just gorgeous. Shout out to my Mum though for taking photos for me. She was back in the country by the time I did this outfit, too bad she wasn’t here when I took photos for Jane!
11356317_10153195807417530_1568947439_n I hope that you’re having a fantastic day! One more day of Disney week to go!!

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Au revoir xxx

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