Disney Week: Toy Story Tsum Tsum Mug!

Today is the anniversary of Toy Story 3 and I was really thinking about what I wanted to do for this look to keep this challenge interesting. So far, you’ve seen two makeup looks and one Disneybound so I thought that I might do something that isn’t makeup related but it is art related. I was talking to Procrasticaitlan about ideas for today and she was talking about painting mugs and I thought that that would be a great idea for Toy Story!

Here are progress pictures of my Disney Tsum Tsum mug!

At this point in my mug painting progress, I was pretty proud of myself. I haven’t painted in 3 years and when I did it was on a canvas, not a little mug. But I figured that I paint on my nails all the time so this shouldn’t be too hard. I thought that Jessie, Woody and Buzz all looked like their little Tsums in the game so I was very happy to post a progress shot to instagram.


I had to relocate and I feel like this was were I had my biggest let down in mug progress. I had to use a new blow dryer to dry the paint so that I could finish this quicker and it sprayed black dust on to freshly painted base shapes for Lotso and the Alien. To fix the Alien, I had to make him bigger and then he got too big. Later on I added Ham and he looked pretty cute. He’s right down the bottom, you’ll be able to see him better in the next picture.


After finishing the Toy Story Tsums, I thought I should fill the cup more and I guess this was another bad idea on my part? Here is Anna and Elsa next to Ham.

11349929_10153193513232530_261165652_nHere is where I finished. I added: Alice, Jack Skellington, Tinker Bell, Mike Wazowski and Donald Duck. The brushes that I used were really cheap and they were kinda crap. They ruined some of the eyes that I did on certain characters and just ruined things in general making me feel less and less motivated. I would like to eventually fill this up with even more Tsums, but we shall see. If I do end up filling up the cup, I will post photos here 🙂

I hope that you enjoyed seeing my Tsum Tsum mug for Toy Story 3 day!

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Au revoir xxx

3 thoughts on “Disney Week: Toy Story Tsum Tsum Mug!

  1. You’re mug looks so cute! I’m not even a huge toy story fan (and I hated frozen) but it looks so absolutely charming Cx I loved tinkerbell and Jack Skellington


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