Disney Week: Jane Disneybound!

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the premiere of Tarzan, so I thought that I’d do a Disneybound of one of my favourite characters, Jane. Tarzan is probably my favourite Disney movie, to date. And I really wanted to do this character justice but I had so many speed bumps trying to get this together and on the day, I didn’t have anyone to take a full shot of my outfit but I’ll still talk about the items you can’t see.

Here’s the outfit!

11419935_10153186357727530_1183553969_n                                         11208697_10153186357687530_427714098_n

I decided that I wanted to do Jane’s yellow dress for this Disneybound, she’s most well known in this outfit and I thought that it was going to be one of the easiest to replicate. Well I was wrong. I spent three weeks hunting down yellow pants and a jumper that matched. I was lucky to find this jumper really cheap at Temt for only $9.95. It is pretty comfortable but it doesn’t provide much warmth so it is probably best as a layering piece or something to wear in spring or autumn. The shirt I had bought from Taobao over 2 years ago but I’m sure that you can find something fairly similar online or in-store. I had to borrow yellow chinos from my boyfriend for this and I wore brown flats. The necklace was from Target and I only paid $3.50 for it because they were having a sale where everything was pretty much half price and then you take 50% off of the reduced price. It was meant to replicate Jane’s purple ribbon. I parted my fringe because Jane doesn’t have a forehead fringe and I kept my makeup really natural looking.

I hope that you enjoyed this look and I hope that you’re having a great day!

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Au revoir xxx

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