Review: OXx Cosmetics!

Today, I would like to talk about something that I’ve been on the hunt for for months! I first heard about this brand because of Brittney Lee Saunders, an Australian Youtuber who is a Kmart addict, like myself. The products are all $2 and for that price, I wouldn’t mind the products being just okay. I’d never seen it, though and just thought that my city had crappy Kmarts that just don’t stock anything good (Still love you, Kmart). Thursday, last week, I finally found a little OXx display and I gasped really loudly and probably shocked a few people around me (sorry). So here I am today to talk about what I think about this brand and whether I think you need to check it out!


So, everything is $2 AUD, which is a pretty great price if the products are any good. I bought one eyebrow pencil, three lipsticks and two blushes. They also had lip crayons, eyeshadows, eyeliners, mascaras, and I think they even had nail polish, but don’t quote me on that haha.

So here is the eyebrow pencil:


The colour is Hazel, which I thought would be a great light brown for my brows but I was wrong. This has pretty decent pigmentation for a brow pencil but it’s very warm or at least it was on my brows, it basically looked red. I tried it as a eyeliner and it was okay, the pigment didn’t really stick to my lid with eyeshadow on and I’m yet to try it on my water line but this stuff goes fast. I felt like I had just sharpened it on my second use and it was already ready to be sharpened -_-11289527_10153169529927530_244358026_n


Not bad for a $2 pencil but I wouldn’t repurchase this for myself. I guess that this would work for someone with that natural red or auburn hair colour.

Next up, Lipsticks!:


I had high hopes for these because they were such pretty colours. From the cardboard packaging, you can’t really tell the true colour of the lipstick but they have the name of the lipstick in a colour that is meant to represent the lipstick. The nude shade was totally deceptive (looks like a mauve-y nude but it actually a brown nude) but having said that, it was my favourite of all of these lipsticks.


The shades are named after cars or car makers, I believe. So from left to right, we have: Henry Ford, Bentley and Firebird. There was a bright pink shade available called Cadillac and I almost bought it just for the name but I knew it would be a bit of a waste so I left it. Also, the names of the lipsticks are only shown on the cardboard packaging, there is nothing on the actual product that indicates the name of the shade. I have worn 2 out of the 3 lipsticks and the only reason for this is I just fell in love with the nude shade, Henry Ford. It was perfect for every day wear and it suited all of my eye looks. It was also an excuse for me to wear Milani’s Baked Blush in Luminoso and I am a fan of anything that can bring me into the coral tones. As for the other two shades, I only wasn’t so much of a fan because all of the lipsticks aren’t very pigmented. Henry Ford can get away with it because it is a nude shade but the others can’t really. So you will want to wear a lip liner underneath if you want more pigmentation. These also last about 3 hours or so. They’re creamy but not too creamy and they leave a satin finish.

Next ooop is blush!:


These blushes don’t have names. I kinda hate when brands don’t have names for products, especially since there are other products by this brand with names. I would be more than happy to name products for companies! LET ME DO IT.11279993_10153169530077530_227929045_n

The blushes are pretty pigmented but the coral blush definitely comes up very orange on my skin and I felt very uncomfortable the whole day that I was testing it. But the pink blush suits. It reminds me of The Balm’s Down Boy blush.11289675_10153169530072530_2109576015_n

So that is everything that I bought from the brand. I definitely would recommend checking out the lipsticks because I think that for the price, they are so worth it. I just wish that they had name stickers on the actual products themselves and not just the packaging. I still have one more blush that I want to pick up from the brand and maybe another lipstick, they have a really nice dark blood red shade that I’d like to get my hands on. If you’ve tried anything from this brand, let me know what you thought of it!

I hope that you’re having a fantastic day!

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Au revoir xxx

5 thoughts on “Review: OXx Cosmetics!

    • As far as I know, they are not tested on animals. People got in contact with Kmart when they first brought the line out and that’s the statement they made but they don’t have official cruelty free status, probably to save on cost.


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