How Much Have I Improved? Makeup Ed.

I’ve seen a few people posting about how they used to wear makeup and how they have improved so I thought I’d share with you my makeup journey! I started wearing makeup pretty young. Just foundation mostly. I think I started wearing it at about 13-14, around my first year of high school. This was also kinda when the ~emo~ phase was happening, Myspace was big and I was being picked on by boys for my eyeliner.


My foundation didn’t match, it was too dark and it was warm toned. And I hadn’t been introduced to the wonderful world of contouring so my face looked pretty round.


Two years later, I’d dyed my hair and I was wearing foundation that pretty much matched me. My brows were blonde and my kohl eyeliner was thick and did nothing for my eyes, which happened to be my favourite feature. Still no contouring and no lipstick yet.


Two years later, I did my own makeup for formal. At that time I’d discovered makeup tutorials on youtube and I started making them myself. Contouring still wasn’t part of my face but I’d lost a lot of weight in that year and my cheeks had sunken in quite a lot. You can see that if you compare this photo to a picture of me, recently. I’m 10 kgs heavier now than I was back then!


And this is me now! 3 years since the last photo. I’ve learnt the art of false eyelashes, contouring, foundation matching, eyebrow filling, highlighting, etc.! I’m very happy with how my makeup looks now and I know that I still have a long way to go.

I hope that you’re having a wonderful day!

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Au revoir xxx


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6 thoughts on “How Much Have I Improved? Makeup Ed.

  1. Great post! I only started wearing makeup a lot when I started Uni. I watched heaps of youtube tutorials too! I struggle finding the right foundation colour for me. I’m very fair and pale…most foundations are too orange or dark! Any tips?


    • The first thing would be to find out whether you’re warm or cool toned. If you’re looking orange, your foundation is probably too dark and warm toned. If you’re buying the lightest colour from a foundation line and it’s still coming off as orange, you can buy a white foundation that you use to mix in to other foundations to make it lighter. I know illamasqua do a good one! What foundation and shade are you currently using?

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      • I use a garnier bb cream one. I buy the lightest tint possible and it still comes out orange. I’ll have a look around and see if I can find a white foundation. Thank you for your help!


      • Oh I hate that bb cream! It’s terrible and yeah it definitely is orange. If you’re looking for something light weight with a light to medium coverage, I’d recommend rimmel match perfection foundation, the one with the blue lid. They have a good colour range and it’s a pretty good foundation

        Liked by 1 person

      • That’s what I found! My sister said I should try it. I’ve used it maybe a couple of times since I got it and it just doesn’t look right! Great! Thanks so much 🙂


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