New Things Coming to Pastelsparkles!

I’ve been talking about this for a while outside of this blog but I thought that seeing as the challenges are upon us, I’ll address it now so that you will all understand what is going on when I start pumping these posts out.


Firstly, the NYX Face Awards have begun and the Top 30 have been chosen and I was very excited to see some of my favourite Youtubers were selected! The NYX Face Awards are only for those in the US and Canada, I believe, so that leaves a lot of people unable to participate. It is totally fair enough because they send out large boxes of their products for the contestants to work with and the Top 6 have to fly to LA , etc. Last year I wanted to follow the challenges myself, doing my version of the challenge and posting it here but I thought about it too late. So, this year I will be doing all of the challenges and posting them here. I don’t think I will film any unless I happen upon some filming equipment in the next month, so I’ll just post my photos here instead. I’m really looking forward to it. The first challenge is called Timeless Beauty.

Another Disney Week is coming up! There was so much traffic on my blog when I did Cinderella Week for the live action movie that came out earlier this year. But that’s not the only reason that I’m doing this. Disney (this includes Pixar and other studios under the Disney Company) released many movies over the years, that all land in one week in June, probably because of Summer Holidays. I haven’t done any Disney themed looks in a while and that’s purely because there haven’t been any premieres to celebrate. I’m starting work on this now because I’ll be posting one post per day in that week and that happens to be around exam time haha. Thanks Disney. Cinderella Week was a 5 day post week and this Disney Week will be 7 days. I’m super excited for this and I hope that you are too 🙂


In July, there is a convention in Adelaide called AVCon and it is an Anime and Video Games Convention. For this convention, I plan to cosplay Frozone from The Incredibles and beforeeeee you say that The Incredibles isn’t an anime or a video game, imma let you know that there was a game – if not many – of The Incredibles and seeing as the new movie is coming out in the next year or so, I thought I’d be the perfect time to get on the cosplay!! I’ve always wanted to do a body suit cosplay but have never had the courage or known how to get my hands on one haha. I wanted to do a Shego cosplay from Kim Possible but yeah. Same issue. So, I’ll be posting more cosplay makeup and cosplay outfit things in the near future as well!

I hope that you’re all doing well. Also, If you guys have any recommendations of any makeup I should check out, I have a Priceline voucher that needs spending and I’d love to hear what you are loving right now!

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Au revoir xxx

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